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>lean hogs

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real talk friend thats why im such a failure or maybe im just a failure regardless

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Hello anons as the title said I have a question, if there was a cool shit coin NOT on BSC would you buy it? There's plenty of routers now I just don't want to be tarnished with the BSC casino brush but if all the eyes are there what do?

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I can't find the app on google apps so I guess I've been filtered.

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h-happy valentines d-day fr-frens

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Thank you.

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thanks fren I deserve it

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finally a truly frenly coin on the bonding network

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there's a guy in here bullying us

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450k rsr
Bought at .0213
These are some heavy bags, bros

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now im depressed too
thanks op

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tomorrow will be a good day
the chinamen will wake up and take us to 20k
good day
good day

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>tfw only £18k in crypto
>only 0.25 BTC
>bull run imminent, no time to accumulate more

I'm never gonna make it, I missed the once in a lifetime opportunity.

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Ok you win
Seriously I’m selling
50,000 link most of it bought between 40 - 60c
I’m so tired of waiting I guess 10$ will have to do
Was planning on holding until at least $100 but that’s never happening is it
GG guys enjoy Uniswap or whatever the fuck that autism is I don’t care I never even used that stupid exchange
Bye bye forever

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Hey /biz/ I don't use your board that much, except to check some threads but I'm in a strange mood and I hope everyone is doing well

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tfw too poor to send sergey, gas goblin, and CZ some niggers

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Is Chainlink ever going to reach $10,000

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If I recall correctly - in men at least - it's a sign of sociopathy/psychopathy if they lose your friends or their life implodes once every 5 or so years. Usually due to all the lying and fuckery psychos do and it catches up to them all at once.

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please rise

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Whales pls dump so I can buy ghosties for pennies. You're already rich so let me be rich this time.

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I had 70 bitcoin sitting on an external hdd back when i was 12 years old because i read that it was going to be the future of our economy and was braindead retarded and bought into it. Mined 70 coins before stopping because i wanted to play combat arms and it was lagging me. Forgot about the btc and my mother threw away the hdd when we moved. If i had sold at a good price i would have had a million dollars.
>70 btc is sitting in a landfill somewhere probably rotting or already destroyed
Fucking kill me.

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All you fuckers don't even know what a real quarantine is.

I haven't left my apartment in 15 days! Not even for groceries, not for taking the trash out, not for walking my dog or my kids.

I haven't been outside for 15 whole days. Don't tell me that you are on quarantine if you still leave your house.

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