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My mum has unironically 35k link.... Not larping... My mum gonna be richer than 90% of 4chan incels... I don't tell you my stack or you gonna cry, but think of it : my mom gonna be way richer than you

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>appreciating income
>depreciating asset

fucking hell linkers are stupid.

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LINKs oracles are centralized, it is an unbelievably stupid concept. Anyone holding LINK deserves to get burnt imo

Yes we are going to sub $2

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I'll start:

This little pump to $2.75? Good, that was whales exiting.

Remember those 50 oracle startups? Only scams, and idiots desperate for funds joined. (This shows the absolute disinterest in ChainLink oracles as a whole if this wasn't clear enough already). Only 20 startups released, and all of them except 2, are literal dogshit. Why does no one want to join ChainLink despite massive incentivization by OracleStartup's free capital + accelerator program, Massive MSM attention, the front page of Reddit, most discussed Crypto by any metric, and the highest rise in 12 months out of all cryptos.

>Every developer and startup has heard about it

If you haven't exited now, I feel sorry for you.

AnChain data shows that the pump began at $2.10, we are going back to where this all began.

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There will be no great 'pump' like what happened to ETH in 2017. You are comparing apples with oranges.


1. ETH had a testnet with thousands of users and finished mainnet 1 year after ICO, and only raised 16mil. Chainlink had a testnet and mainnet with ZERO users after 2 years and 32mil. It has gained ZERO adoption (the partnerships aren't using it). The level of developer adoption and excitement for ETH vs LINK is absolutely incomparable, LINK has none.

2. The Ethereum tech was actually innovative. It was the first successful attempt at a smart contract platform. It was decentralized and working one year after ICO. Chainlink only has centralized oracles (Sergey is lying about decentralization) which are not new or innovative. Their "innovative" solution to sybil resistant consensus is KYC.

3. The Ethereum foundation only had 1% of the Ethereum supply after ICO. The Chainlink team has 65%. Also when Ethereum was $1, it had a market cap of less than $100,000,000. It was actually a low market cap gem. Chainlink's real marketcap (if you count the 650,000,000 tokens in Sergey's wallet, ready to sell) is currently $2,000,000,000, which makes it an incredibly overpriced top 10 coin, not a low market cap gem like Ethereum was at the time.

4. Chainlink has already had mainstream exposure. It's made the front page of crypto subreddits countless times, was covered in forbes and every news outlet imaginable. Yet, even after all this attention, it has failed to get any developer adoption. It is fair to say that every single dev in the space knows about Chainlink, and decides not to use it. There are many projects running oracles in production, none of them choose to use Chainlink.

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