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I wonder if there is an updated gif related.

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Literally the last step before hyperinflation. And since the USD denominated debt bubble is in terminal stage everywhere, there's no escaping from the contagion.
For the first time ever, we will witness literally every country on earth plunge into hyperinflation at the same time (well, slightly delayed for the US, but who will be hit with the power of a thousand sun once it happen). With no rescue mechanism nor any safe haven left.

Thank you kikes, thank you boomers. It really was a fucking pleasure to meet you all.

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not selling my soxl til we hit 18

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This is how the terminal debt crisis looks like just before popping.

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Extremely low IQ take. Imagine believing it was serfs' decision to begin with lol.

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Feels so fucking good living in the US and knowing we can’t lose because the Jews have made us their vassal state. They push the scale in our direction any time some sort of crisis comes up and the Eurocucks get fucked like 10x harder than we do lmfao. The Jews are absolutely God tier at finance.

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wtf is going on bros?

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