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I hit swap on uniswap for 500 arte and then the price went from 7.23 to 21. I now do not want to buy as i can only afford 163 arte and you priced me out of 5000 profit u fucking asshole

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bumpity bump

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I get it, poorfags should not spread their portofolio, so What is the one coin that can help a poorfag like me reach financial normalcy. I have struggled my whole life, but I am afraid my 1300 LINK wont get me far enough. I have have also 200,000 AKRO and 0.1 YFI and 3000 DMG. Didnt sell my UNI either.
Is that too spread out ? Are there better choices for potentially higher returns ?
I just want to sustain myself, buy a small house and start my business without having bills giving me anxiety every month

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poorfag living in a cheap country here. I just want some yield on my stack to get by without having to sell while I wait for my portfolio to moon. what are some of the current pools with high APY or Am I condemned to chasing new farms?
my sizable stacks are made of UNI, LINK, AKRO, YFI, ETH. those are the tokens I can use to make some monthly returns I guess. Just aiming at making a few hundreds per month.
Any ideas?

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Shill me some coins frens. I need a quick 2x using 5k that I just borrowed from aave. I don't want to sell any of my LINK for groceries and stuff

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Are those outrageous gas fees a plot by CEXes to discourage the use of DEXes ? or maybe competitor who feel ready to replace Ethereum ?

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