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only a seething topbuying plebbitor would say something like that

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I click on ads because it costs someone money every time I do.

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70, 69, 68, 67, 66, 65, ...

Can you guys help me find the pattern? :)

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Bear spring, crab summer, golden bullrun after the election.

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This market is looking like it's almost out of steam.

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Is it time to buy KRE puts?

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Sold my SQQQs for a slight profit
see you guys after post CPI

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>$70k rejected for 5th time

Explain to me how a pentuple top is actually bullish

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>Muh alt season
It already happened, most alts are way up from a few months ago. The megapump is from ETF's not retail, you won't see your typical rotation into alts this time.

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Surely there are people out there just waiting to buy at 70k. They aren't just figments of your imagination.

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I like violence.

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Ah, the pre tax dump Bull trap. Happens every year.

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Oh dear... who could've possibly foreseen that coming?

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When do I start slurping FAZ?

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Checked. It's doompening time. The chart says so.

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There's a CME gap at 20k. And then one at 9700. And then one at 3500.

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>CME gap at 20k
Checks out

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I would like for the market to crash pls and thnx

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There's nothing business & finance related that's funnier than seeing /biz/ anons seething and raging and crying and pulling their hair out and frothing at their mouths while their blood boils with anger.

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The day after CZ stepped down for his 3 year vacation he changed his name to "CZ BNB"

He also said in his 3 year break hes going to work on defi, hes about to start fire hosing cash for BNB relared defi projects.

You morons cant even do 5 minutes of research, I wouldnt short it with a 10 foot poll.

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Oh, what a beautiful morning
Oh, what a beautiful day
I've got a beautiful feeling
Everything's going my way

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c o m f y

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I cant fucking bear to open my portfolio.

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epic "breakout" mutards. like a trainwreck in slow motion

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