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They'll never be stopped until the jannies decide to do something. The quality of the board has gone to shit but for whatever reason the jannies see it as being even handed or something gay like that.

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AI is going to attain superintelligence and exterminate humanity

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I’ve been HODLING 104,000 LINK since the ICO and wondering if my investment will pay off or if Sergey will keep dumping to suppress the price

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What exactly is his grift here?
Is he making money or collecting good boy points somehow?
Do finance boomers inately just hate crypto so much they'd go to these lengths to stifle it?
I don't get it.

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Why are you so upset, retard? We are giving you honest advice
Whatever. Fuck you. Hope you don't get a nice job
Just sayin, the main goal is to get EVERYTHING on one page one way or another. You can figure it out

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Bro, just DCA from Jan 2023 - July 2024, then sell in late 2024/early 2025 (bull market peak) …just don’t time the top, or you’ll get wrecked

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>this isn't as unaffordable as you 99.2% of the population seem to think
>I in the top .08% of the population already possess wealth and means
yet you're here on 4chan. try taking some magic mushrooms and experience ego death. Or an ayahuasca journey in Jamaica with a psychologist.

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I lost anywhere from 50 to 100% of my LINK on Bancor and Celsius, I blame this on Chainlink Labs, and every day I come on /biz/ to FUD the project so that I can accumulate cheap LINK and try to recover my losses. I have no sense of personal responsibility in this matter and I do not understand risk management. My character and agency are indistinguishable from that of a woman with a cluster B personality disorder. The ends will always justify the means.

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and then???

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sorry switch those am tarded >>51673663

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What is a good way to include e-shekel donations in a website without:
>having to sync 200GB of blockchain
>being limited to users needing one specific type wallet
>supporting as many different crypto currencies as possible
Needs to keep track which user paid, so just giving out an address isn't enough.

Hard mode: Without getting scamed.

Thanks for spoonfeeding me.

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