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humble bump

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I have 10k icpees and 1 SNS sneed.

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Kinda tired but I want to hear the announcement

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Becoming a second rate agricultural economy is unironically the best possible outcome.

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guys I just woke up from a dream. I saw the price at .08 and then $5210.

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If only core spam was more aggressive from the start, I would already made it

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the feeling when you are a made man but just waiting on bank download to complete.

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good night /biz/

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>I feel like that doesn't fly as much as it used to though
It surely don't, because the average middle-aged housewife don't listen to (((economists))) claiming inflation is at 2.1%. But every single week she have to go to the mall, and she sees the prices are going up rapidly.
I read some article a while back, where they used the 60's inflation's methods of calculs for the cost of living in the US. Ie something like the 50 most bought items (mostly food) + rents + energy.
With the old methods the current inflation rate is around 6-7%. Which is astronomical. But when you think about it, yeah, that's what happened. Hopefully all the high-tech and manufactured stuff prices went down dramatically the past 30-40 years. Remember the price of retroprojectors in early 2000's? It was around $3K, now it's $70. Or the computers, cellphones, USB-keys...
Holy fuck, do you remember DVD burner when it was a novelty? This shit was worth $2K. Now that's 5 bux, and integrated in every laptop (and no one use them anymore).
This is how the cost of living was temporarly kept down. But we now reached the limit, we are already at the absolute bottom in term of margins for high-tech stuff, it can't go lower, so we feel the difference when the food/electricity goes up, since there is nothing to compensate anymore.

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How do I profit from crippling depression?
Havn't left home in 14 months
Havn't spoken a word in that time either
Havn't showered in a month and a half

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So what happens after enough people have bought the oil? Everyone wants to buy oil now, they'll probably end up sitting on some farmers yard and everyone's probably had their fill of oil already. Will the price remain low? After all, this pandemic will last about two years. Will oil even recover?

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G-guys i am scared. What gonna happen next

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i hope so fren

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No matter how desirable up front I appear, I'll still always have a small dick. I'll never have a gf let alone start a family

I'll still lift and master a skill...but /monkmode/ is it for me. I've never spoken to a female beyond a minute besides work for work related things

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For Christmas this year, all I want are my bizbros to make it

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Already have that anon...

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year almost over. shit coins still being shilled. its all just tiring.

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gudnite /biz/ frens i love u all

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>tfw highest IQ on biz
>tfw biggest cock on biz
>tfw biggest highest ROI LINK stack on biz
Heh, you're like ants to me

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gud nit biz frens

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Going to sleep now got my limit orders set that 100x long better make me rich over night or I'll have lost everything. Tomorrow I'll be a different man.

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are we going to retire now

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I’m getting sleepy

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