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You need to go back.

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Leftism has been brought to heel by the American regime. They are nothing but footsoldiers for the ruling oligarchy.

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No there wouldn't be. The people who would have protested this 10 years ago have sold out. It's like all of the hippies of the 60s becoming the yuppies of the 80s.

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maybe like 10 years ago

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>Instead of everyone vs the rich and powerful it became the rich and powerful + minorities vs middle and lower class white people.
>Fascinating stuff.

read Christopher Lasch's 'Revolt of the Elites'. Basically, old money abandoned their 'noblesse oblige' and rigged the game in their favor. It was already in their favor, but they just rigged it even more over time. They also realized that any kind of mobilization, unity, and consolidation across racial lines was a threat to their preeminence. Seriously, watch some speeches by Fred Hampton. The FBI literally assassinated this nigger because he told nigs not to hate white people and to unite. Now they have even more made up bullshit to foment division and ensure there is never any kind of successful mass movement to basically prevent 90% of the population into becoming neo-feudal serfs.

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>I'd prefer IRC over telegram, at least my phone number is not tied to it.
Yup that's what I was thinking too. Or maybe someone doing a shortwave station
But to do that (((legally))) someone has to get a callsign and go public and ready to be doxxed by these fags

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friend's grandma got diagnosed in April, she was 90 years old when she passed away a month ago in October. Took me a moment to even make the connection in my mind. it's all garbage.

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>coercive state enforced ideologies
what we refer to as "globo-homo"
they use neuro-linguistic programming on a mass scale to hypnotize and inculcate triggers into people

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>yeah we know who butters their bread
>do you really think it's a cohencidence?

>Jidf in full force
>She will get away with it
>And be seen as a victim

>porn at age 20
>manages $600m+ at age 24
>it's called making a deal with (((them)))
(((them))) = money printers
they buy women's consent via printed money

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