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if you want to gamble, pick something you believe in and put 10% into that.
The best rule of crypto: when you start bragging to others about your profits then it’s time to start cashing out.

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My crypto networth is now only 55k.

I started with 55k in 2017 and my ATH was 890k. I managed to cash out about 430k throughout my journey.

I paid off all my debt, bought a new car, and travelled the world for almost 18 months.

But now I only have 55k in crypto, 10k in my checking, and about 5 k in stocks.

I don't want to work again, please tell me what to do so I can never work again.

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Look, I'm not complaining because I started with a 40k investment back in Jan 2017 which turned into an ATH of 1.4MM in December 2017.
Throughout the entire process until now, I've only cashed out 600k, but almost 1/3th of that went to taxes.
So obviously I didn't cash out when I hit 1.4MM, I really thought it was going to go to 3-4MM very soon. That's a dumb mistake but I guess sort of reasonable considering my inexperience with investing (basically zero experience)
However, two more times I had the opportunity to buy something. Like I ALMOST did it, was about to press the button, but didn't. These TWO times would have each made me a millionaire again.
Can someone explain the psychology of how to deal with this to me? It's giving me crazy anxiety and I can't fucking rationalize it anymore. I know I did kind of well compared to some people in crypto but then again so many millionaires were created and I missed my chance THREE TIMES. I feel like a fucking idiot. I'm 29 and if I had made those three moves correctly in a row, I'd be worth like 10+ million dollars right now and be retired instead of only having a networth of like 300k (spent like 100k on stuff). I should be grateful but it's just fucking insane to think about. Anyone have experience with this?
The only comforting story I've heard is that the guy who started victoria's secret sold it for 5 million then killed himself once the company became worth billions, though that's not technically comforting because it's the reason I DIDN'T sell basically... I was thinking, "fuck if this goes to 10-20 million and I sell, I'll feel like killing myself", however, I also now feel like killing myself (I say this jokingly, but I really do feel fucking terrible). Advice??

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