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18 soon

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I was thinking about making a meme coin, though it would be more based of bitcoin or litecoin in the mining implementation aspect though I would use whirlpool for the hashing algorithim because AES gives me a hard on. That and I was thinking about adding something similar balancer but it would use the pool to buy more of the coin when other coins dip to certain level and then sell them for this particular coin in an attempt to increase or at the very least stabilize its price.

I just miss the old mining days and hate paying gas fees for all these eric20 tokens tied to etheriums smart network.

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I mean I have great income and its fucking easy just shill ur own fucking eric20 token and provide buyside liquidity, honestly though my net wealth doesn't make me a good person in fact i would argue my ruthless nature makes me the exact opposite.

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I see stonks and it makes me think, you can make it too just make your own eric20 token then throw the balancer in there for good measure then shill the fuck out of it.

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/biz/ the most jewish of boards.

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when i make it im going to wait for the housing market to crash then buy a mansion, then run around it aimlessly high on drugs.

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this, and bizarrely every token coin is fucked along with it, all these eric20 tokens being shilled on here .

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