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well what everyone with half a brain knew would happen, happened in stocks, happened in crypto the bullrun couldnt hold forever and we dumped, i dont think hottie would've existed if this didnt happen (most people attribute the new wave of shitcoins to that specific dump) so yeah, it's normal

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>Women are very socialist
yeah? and the problem is? just tell them you're also a socialist while you groom them until they give into the tradwife mindset, eventually they'll realize they have 3 kids and are a stay at home mom and will even thank you (this didnt happen to me yet but im waiting for it to happen, happened to a couple of friends) for changing their lives. My wife even has her own stack of shitcoins on metamask and holds a bit of pepe, a bit of avi, a sizeable chunk of kermit. Its all in the objective op, have an objective in mind when you fuck them

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yeah i dont know anymore at this point im just waiting for gravity labs to release

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how the fuck did you.... never mind you're a linkie, of course common sense doesn't work with you, i would've given up half way during the first year and started buying memecoins directly from pinksale or tried dca, what were you thinking

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What the fuck are you talking about, you can literally do the NEET tutorial on vk and survive just buying and selling launches on pinksale for profit every single day, in like 1 hour you're done and you can scratch your balls and jerk off the other 23 hours of the day. If THIS market difficulty is hard for you then i've got some pretty bad new for you bucko

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>if anyone here is new to crypto
>buy shitcoins
that's literally the worst advice you could give a newfag and the reason why i think you're utterly retarded anon, buying alts is the way to go, why? because buying and holding is a far easier strategy than telling a newfag to do dca on shitcoins (the ONLY way to make money out of those curry scams) so idk senpai, the linkie or agrsfag telling anons to buy are far less shitty than you are at giving advice

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>why does the market look so boring
lol you're the boring one if you don't know the amount of shit that's currently going on most chains
>what happened to rwa
strategy hasnt changed
>can we still buy some coins?
faggy the uptrend finished because we were compensating on btc's prices for the previous high, the bullrun hasn't even started yet, current narrative is AI (since january) and most alts are stupidly undervalued (agrs, tao, xrp, even linkies are relishing on the potential gains)
so chop chop start accumulating, time is of the essence we have 2 weeks before the halving

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Are you guys like... scared of living life or something? Like what is realistically stopping you from just asking her to get laid, the thought of her saying no? Bitch you already didn't get laid, what the fuck are you doing. You already have a no, you always have it, strive for the yes with pride.
This is why you don't make money, you guys see a cash cow and a chicken who lays golden eggs ($AGRS, $SONS, #THETA) and never try to pick them up or use them because you fear not making money when YOU'RE ALREADY NOT MAKING MONEY.
God fucking damnit grow a pair already

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Are you seriously telling me you didn't use the money you got from your AGRS suicide stack to buy the car cash upfront? Are you like... retarded?

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who hurt you

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Oh fuck it's getting closer. I need to slurp more

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>something something ahaha misterious
>cult-like behavior
>It's all a psyop to get (YOU) to buy
>im not telling you anything but be wary because REDACTED is launching soon (or not i don't know)
>Hey hey anon it's me, im an "oldfag" and i got signals, but you have to wait ehehe
Are people on this board dying from dementia?
Im totally convinced crypto is a parasite that inserts directly into your brain and consumes everything in it's direction until there's nothing but pictures of frogs and bears in there. What the fuck does any of this mean? Are some anons so destroyed by losing money that they already invented a token in their heads?

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That's an ok stack retard stop idolizing link like the ultimate play in crypto or something. Diversify into monero and marlin protocol or something with half of that link you got.

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