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How many times have we been through this? And yet every time I fall for it. Fucking link will eternally be $0.30. I’ll be 80 years old on here getting that familiar pang of hope when I see “TONIGHT. IT’S HAPPENING. STRAP IN BOYS” and the even more familiar feeling of disappointment as I refresh coinmarketcap and see LINK is still in the usual mediocre range

So many partnerships, so much bullish news, and NOTHING FUCKING HAPPENS. How long must this suffering continue? Is everyone really overlooking the opportunity of a lifetime or are we really just deluded?

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I bet LINK will still be around $0.30 by the end of the month

It never goes up. There’s all these connections, all this bullish news but it always hovers in its mediocre range.

Why must we suffer like this? We have all these LARPers saying big stuff is happening in September. That main net is going to be released. We all get our hopes up (me included) and then when the time elapses we’re left disappointed once again. Fooled by a combination of LARPers and wishful thinking.

No matter how many times this cycle repeats I still get my hopes up. I’ll be 80 years old on here reading “TONIGHT... IT’S HAPPENING. STRAP IN BOYS” hoping to finally escape this purgatory. But it never comes.

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