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If you’re not trolling, I feel sorry for you being so dumb. Being that dumb must be so tiresome.

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This has to be bait and I’m pretty sure your IQ is near African levels. Read the whitepaper faggot, check the archives, or stay poor.

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>how much data do people use?

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I have, but you have to understand that I’m multiple standard deviations higher on any acceptable IQ curve compared to you, so why don’t you go back to plebbit and suck off their mods instead of shitting up biz, /notyourboardfaggot/.

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I’m only responding to you because you got digits. Chainlink’s Price isn’t tied to market psychology like (((ripple))) or absolute shit like BSV.

Chainlink’s price is tied to network usage because it acts as the data carrier between nodes and contracts and is used as collateral. Literally two network usage requirements right there. And guess what, it also enables a new type of technology never before seen which will save companies 90% or more on overhead admin costs. Sheila from finance no longer has a job because it’s been completely automated by the chainlink network. Understanding chainlink is like understanding how Jews are ethnically genociding whites. Once you get it, you “get” it. It’s why so many people on biz have gone all in on chainlink. They “get” it, or at least can see the high IQ meme masters “get” it. The fact you parrot arguments about
>muh erc token
means you don’t “get” it. I hope one day you’ll understand. $1,000 EOY

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Also reminder that we have proof the team MOVES 700K link.

But thats not the same as SELLING lul

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Checked. Search the archives. Here’s a breadcrumb.

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There is nothing left to say

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I got high and went all in around .25 and it was the best decision I ever made. Plus the tech is solid.

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Here ya go champ. Thank me later

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Transfer it all to link. Wait 1 month. Return to biz. Give me thank (yous).
>you’re welcome.

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for any of this crypto shit to be relevent to the traditional world you need chainlink. think of it as an adapter. smart contracts which have huge potential doesnt get realized if you cant feed them real world data thats outside of the blockchain. this is fundamental dude, if this doesnt strike you then you are retarded.

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that guide sucks now, binance isnt accepting new US people rn

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I dont know about you guys but seeing link actually perform has given me a newfound confidence. I have basically fucked up everything in my life but listening to memes on /biz/ has seemingly turned everything around. I just well with pride when I see chainlink near the top of the binance volume charts. I always dreamed of having recognition, and perhaps we are the chosen losers who put our belief in something ostensibly stupid and ridiculous; Chainlink. That which served us as a mirror for how we understand ourselves to be perceived by society; worthless, guaranteed to fail. But finally, we at least have done one thing right.

see you at 1000EOY

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Good summary. Here’s another for newfags. Hail hitler.

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