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Has it ever occured to you that Sergey indeed is a crook and wanted to exit scam, but at some point he discovered that 4chan developed a cult around him. Then he seriously considered his options. Either he exit scams and becomes the revenge target of severely autistic ppl, capable of pinpointing a photo location by chemtrails in the sky only. (As, umlike Joost, he made the mistake of showing his face and disclosing his true name). Or he has to play the role to the end and deliver the product. CL has always been a joke, and somehow this brilliant con artist has managed to create an illusion of industrial endorsement. Who knows, he could have invested his NXT profits into buying a presentation room at SIBOS. But now he has to do the fucking job and make a joke into reality in order to stay alive.
The more autistic we are, the more memes and hopes we splurge the more hard-working he gets. We are literally the gun to Sergey's head

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