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that's the curse of cash. it's TOO comfy. some gets deployed but it's hard to let it all go. next thing you know we're at ATHs and you've missed out.

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Le'Donna tricked me into buying QQQ

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i had twizzlers, also red

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apology for poor english

when were you when SOXL dies?

i was sat at home drink munster when pjotr ring

‘tech is kill’


and you???????????

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>Want to work in the financial industry
>About to finish a languages degree (Mandarine-German)
Is it over for me lads?

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Fish bros noooooo

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Did anyone follow through with fishfarm anon's DD yesterday and get AQB?

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thanks for nothing

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my utility stocks bros...

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SQQQ bros...

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i sold calls to pay for a chicken wing feast tonight and it's not working out.

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>work so hard at job that there is no free time
i'm not about to give up my drunken weekends either

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I put 10k in when it was 4k like a month ago. Still waiting for that bounce..

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tfw surrounded by lucky disabled anons that will live with their mom forever

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>tfw make 240k/yr a year and no gf
anyone want to be my gf tonight

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word on the street is that Belgium is unwinding their position

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I pulled my BTC out of coinbase before the fork and into a paper wallet and then put it back into coinbase eventually. Do I not get credited the BCC now? It's obviously showing as 0 BCC balance on my coinbase account. Am I able to use the private wallet key and redeem whatever for that amount of BCC still?

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So /biz/ I got fired from Quicken Loans. I used to be a mortgage banker and currently hold licences for several states. I feel like I blew my chance but I am still optimist I can carry on with a career somewhere else, where do you think a mortgage banker can apply to work at?

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OP here

I've had a similar experience like this but in High School.

>whenever I would shit, I would shit in the teachers bathroom ( mom was a health teacher so I was allowed )
>bathroom is next to office and sound echos throughout the office
>One day I go their to shit
>have explosive diarrhea, like those shits where you fart a lot
>I walk out and I see a super fucking hot chick being checked out by her mom
>they probably heard it all

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