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>worst case: $100
>best case $300
>most likely: $200

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This is such a Russian tactic. It hails to Sergey's Russian roots. He got them all hooked on Chainlink just like Putin got Europe hooked on natural gas. Now Sergey, knowing they are reliant on Chainlink, put them in a precarious position and stands to gain immeasurably.

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If it's a run to $770 with no pull back based on speculation like a firm staking date or whatever, then I'll sell half into stables and swing on the inevitable 80% pull back to recomplete my stack.
Then, I'll have a few million in cash to put into some hard assets, and my full stack that will ride forever through generation after generation.

The pump to $50 will seem minuscule compared to what is coming.
We could see a peak of $2500 in the next couple years if apply some basic TA.
Link is going to be the biggest wildfire asset of all time

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Follow the price action. Think like a whale. Think who is taking the other side of your trades.
For example right now if you are buying eth or link from someone selling, what are they thinking? "Man these coins suck Eth is gonna die I'm selling off for this coin it pumps like crazy!"
So you are buying the bags of weak hands.
Now think right now if you are buying a bag of ADA or Doge at this level who is on the other side of that trade? "Yeah I bought these ADA for under 10 cents and the chain has no actual users only promises and hype so I think i'll sell for 10-15x profit and get out"
So you are buying bags of smart money exiting with their profit.
When I started to think about the market like this I started to understand how it works a lot better...
Nothing to prove anon. I'm just stating the facts here and trying to help my fellow anons out. You can choose to ignore and leave the thread if you think I'm talking out of my ass. Although the fact that you are still here replying shows that you are interested in what I have to say.
Volume and price action.
Big volume, Big price movement? = lots of interest with conviction
Big volume, Price is stable? = Lots of buyers or sellers absorbing the volume a top or bottom is forming
What you want to watch out for is when the volume is shrinking.
If the price is going up on shrinking volume after a big mark up then that means demand is exhausted and mark down is incoming to find new demand

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cmon buddy ada was 7 cents while link was 15 bucks
ada is a ghost chain that has been promising smart contracts coming soon for the past 4 years and still nothing
the only use of the token is to stake and get more tokens
I don't believe that you can watch this play out and not feel the pain
> think that technical analysis does wrong for ADA, for the short timeframe. Fundamentally, Mary will be released on March 1st, full decentralization at the end of the month, and generally March will be full of surprises for ADA. A lot of new releases (While until now, nothing actually was released)
these are the type of people getting filthy fucking rich right now. People talking about the great fundamentals of a chain that no one uses.

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have any of you bros met him?
its my dream

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