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I am also back to being a 5 figure nigger, and this is what I needed to hear. Godspeed anons. I hope we all make it

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I've held BAT for so long, I'm not going to sell it for pennies now. No point. And I'd ACK myself if I sold now and one day, 1 or 2 years from now, check the charts and saw price above $2 or whatever. I'll go down with the ship.

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Is Bitcoin actually going to hit a new ATH by the halving? It's pumping right now but historically new ATH doesn't happen till 6 months after the halving at least. Have the ETFs flipped the switch or is it going to dump/crab from here?

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do people really fall for this stuff?

>uhhh yeah Russia has... space nukes? Yeah space nukes and uhh... we have to Nuke them, so give us a billion trillion dollars and get back in the wage cage, also we're using your home to house illegal migrants who will rob and rape you because we fucking hate you

getting pretty tired of this stuff tbqh

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>it's getting a little high, maybe i should sell
>it's over
>pumps even higher
>it's getting a little high, maybe i should sell
>it's over
>pumps even higher
>it's getting a little high, maybe i should sell

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>Six figure hell
>$300 in checking

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>tfw your bag is pumping but you wanted to stack more before the halving

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I'd argue that "empathy" is abused by psychopaths in the modern world. People use it as a weapon to get others to do what they want.

Empathy meant more when we had small homogeneous communities. We actually did know what others felt, or at least had a pretty good idea. I don't know what the nigger screaming his head off while soaked in piss in the corner of the subway platform is feeling, and some purple haired social worker definitely doesn't know what he's feeling. Too many freaks and sociopaths lacking ethical or moral foundations in modern society.

Sociopaths lacking in morality will "empathize" with those that they want to take advantage of, or those they want to use as a weapon. They will accuse enemies of "not showing empathy" but what they really mean is, the enemy isn't doing what the sociopath wants them to do or feel.

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It's weird. I see some friends taking LinkedIn super seriously, while others don't even have one. I guess it's entirely dependent on your industry. Always a little sad to see friends (who I know are decent people) taking LinkedIn so seriously though, feels very forced and fake. It's fucking cringeworthy.

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>I think the reason you feel so bad about gaming is because you're not primarily focusing on advancing your own life

lol, wut. You're projecting and coping so hard. I've long since moved on from "gaming" and ironically my focus has for a while been on exactly what you claim I'm "not primarily focusing on" - I spend majority of my time advancing my "life," job, paying attention to my wife/family etc.

I don't feel bad about gaming at all, in fact I'll still play CSGO for short periods of time (when I have the time, which is sadly less and less) and I still have a lot of fun playing it. "Gaming" is not a creative release or hobby at all for me, it's something I do strictly for entertainment, a short amount of time, and then log off. Like the equivalent of watching a TV show or something.

You're coping with either not being able to relive WoW original feeling, or perhaps you never got to experience the feeling because you're a zoomer or some such. I don't really care. What I wrote is true: 1) Nobody will ever be able to relive the original release of WoW; 2) that feeling of the original release was an unparalleled excitement, almost ecstatic feeling of adventure and wonder; and 3) that feeling was unique to that moment in time and can't be replicated.

seethe, cope, dilate etc.

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wish I could buy NFTs with my ERC20 shitcoin instead of having to jump through several expensive hoops

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I'm early 30's. Feels like just now friends are starting to accumulate some money. I think 2/5 of my high school friend group own homes, 1/5 have kids, 3/5 are married.

Of ~10 friends from high school and 5 college friends, I'd guess 2/3rds have over $50K in savings and minimal debt. The remaining third are rentoids with less than $30K in savings and various amounts of debt

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probably the best or at least most memorable sex I ever had was when I was a senior in high school, sneaking out of my parents house to go fuck my hot latina girlfriend

she would sneak out too and we'd drive down the street from her extremely catholic parent's house and fuck outside under the moon and stars. Only scary thing was that we'd fuck without a condom and I'd have to pull out and cum on her ass or tits

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I'm feeling the FUD boyos, first time ever I'm highly considering moving all my shit off of Coinbase

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it was an AI voice reproduction of an apparently AI text, don't worry about it. >>53759795 kind of funny and weird to see cringelords like this critique an AI voice reproduction of an AI generated text, then see real humans like >>53760055 try to reproduce it themselves

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>two weird zoomers are teaming up on a Saturday night to defend the zoomer NYC food truck girl's honor

this is getting too weird even for me, I'm out of here before these fucking trannies try to dox me or something

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I mean to rival what LINK did, it'd be like BAT going to $30. That's not entirely unthinkable. It's not likely sure, I'll admit that. But if $30 is best case scenario in BAT's next bullrun then count me in.

Also I think one thing that cryptocurrency holders and even BAT holders don't account for is that Brave and BAT would benefit A LOT more than other projects from people swarming and moonboys/shills/grifters shilling the fuck out of Brave + BAT, because there's an actual working useful product involved. Nobody accounts for that because it really hasn't been done before with a token. It's only been done with actual blockchains like BTC and ETH

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>mfw I actually did the 20 push ups

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Have you seen millennials'/zoomers' spending habits?
Avocado toast is a meme, but it is somewhat rooted in reality. Flexing on people with clothes, electronics, and fancy vacations is common.

One thing I heard over and over again is how they live paycheck-to-paycheck because "the more money you have the more ways you find to spend it". It's absolutely surreal

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If you're investing why the fuck would you panic if the market crashes? Just buy when it's down nigger it's guaranteed to go up again. Everybody here isn't just option trading and swing trading surely?

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Used to have a landlord who'd act as the building's painter/plumber/electrician. Was probably the best landlord I ever had.

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a stock has now twice escaped from me. it gave me great price and i hesitated. then it just pumps up

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>go to hairdresser
>pay 100$
>hair still undressed

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thought I was the only one hearing it

then it just disappeared


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