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Link has made new ATH since inception

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I have 60 eth and 60k link. Should I sell all my eth for link?

-2017 OG

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They are getting close Anons, their development velocity is off the fucking charts right now.
Prep for fucking upgrade. Their development workflow does not involve tags and releases so it is a bit hard to follow, but shit drops when arb os is bumped.
L2 will be released this bull cycle, plan accordingly.
Eth for roll-up staking Link for job execution to get sums on chain.

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Arbitrum is actually eth staking for optimistic rollups.
They use chainlink nodes, but the collateral is ETH on contract execution for the roll-up.
It would be trivial to use Link, but I think they are happy enough with the token being paid for the actual job execution to put the data on chain.

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1000 US Dollars, it was foretold, and it will happen.

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Also the savings from living at home are what allowed me to invest in crypto and be worth more than 99% of my age-group
And Yes, ill pay them back a little bit once Link makes me multi-millions

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Anus, and it feels good.
I am all in on Chainlink and a homosexual man.

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>yesterday's news
Yeah anon we got it.
Go tell normies or some shit.

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Runescape gold makes up like 20% of the worlds GDP.

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How many of them do they say could overtake Bitcoin?

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We are all gonna make it aren't we ?

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This is absolutely retarted. Taking the time to screenshot a fucking folder instead of opening a video and screenshotting that.
Anyone doing this for money would have no problem providing undeniable proof in the form of never before seen zoom footage.
Also encrypted files and passwords? What the fuck is this shit?
You are looking for 30k faggot not taking down world governments. If your gonna do it for free just upload it to one of the million file drop services or dump it on IPFS https://www.filedrop.link/ . We can handle mirroring it for your dumb ass, you don't need to distro encrypted shit.

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>Make a swap today
>$20 gas
What is happening bros?
Are we back?

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So now you understand why these types of coins are pumping right now, but you might be wondering, well why aren't the higher tier coins pumping then too?
The answer is very simple. Players are still accumulating at these prices so they have no desire to mark it up. They wan't to keep it low, and keep channeling all the dumb money into the shitcoins that are marked up 100-150x that they have millions and millions of to dump.
Every dollar that goes into Eth or Link is a dollar not going into buying their 100x marked up vaporware coins.
Keeping the price of Eth/Link low has multiple benefits besides keeping dumb money/normies away from it.
It also leads to weaker hands selling their bags to stronger hands that have more conviction. The weak hands sell at these low prices to chase the pump on projects that are already marked up. This allows for smart players to accumulate bigger lines of the coins with higher fundamental value, while also shaking out the weak hands so that in the long run, the mark up can be that much stronger as the only players left holding will be ones with stronger conviction in the coin. If you have managed to hold link while it crabs and other coins do 20x then you are not likely to dump it for a 2x or 3x, you must understand the fundamentals to have such strong conviction. This makes mark up phase a lot easier for the market makers as there is less selling on the way up.

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Chainlink had ties to known white supremecy groups.

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Have I reached peak boomer bros?
I don't know what either of these shitcoins are, just sitting here with Link waiting.

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Decided on Friday, but it will likely pass. Not rolled out until summer. Plenty of time for Sergey to take the reigns with optimistic rollups.

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$100 EOM
$350 end of june

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thats because only relatively smart players understand just how massive this is. They aren't going to ape in with a 20m market buy KEK
if you want pump and dumps trade shitcoins on bsc breh
Link is different. This will absolutely lead to the price pumping over the next week as supply is absorbed.

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wow so I guess OCR Is coming on 2/16 after all
never never announces anything until it basically read to go
chainlink is about to grow exponentially.... as with the entire defi space
1k is quite literally FUD this run is powered by link
so you think the big mac memes worked?

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>muh link is crabbing while shitcoin mooning!
trust the plan. SN = SN.
Link isn't pumping yet because sergey wants to pump it to the max usd price he can.
To pump an alt to the max usd possible you have to pump it when btc is at or near its local top.
why? Alts pump in sats so if you pump in sats when btc is 60k vs 30k then your usd value will be double, simple right?
This is why we have had shitcoins mooning first (Eth killers have been the latest rotation). These coins don't get the prime real estate when BTC is close to local top.
letting shitcoins pump first allows groups to accumulate more USD pumping shitcoins so that when the bigger projects pump they have more capital to work with
Notice now it is YFI pumping instead of eth killer meme coins like ADA. This means we are progressing on to the higher quality coins.
Trust in the plan fellas we are all gonna make it. Don't sell your Link to the fucking bankers

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