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It's been a hell of a ride.
I'll never forget.
If we don't get a dump back down to 1.50$ range in the next 4 weeks I suspect our pocket of autism will be gone forever. Without a dump to capitulate the normies, its over.

however it only delays the inevitable, as LINK would pump again and they'd all be back, even if they are buying at ATH again.

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It's FUCKING surreal. Like a fire that never runs out of fuel. Just as it starts to die down, some nulinkers start falling for it, lose moeny, then realise it and start "fudding it" and making memes because its funny anyway and it just continues on in circles forever and ever.

there has not been ANY legitimate discussion of the project since 2017, and it's obvious why. 4chan is a very strange place

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Why are crypto investors so retarded?

How the fuck is the Oracle problem literally esoteric information? It's the biggest or one of the biggest issues in this space

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so they dont understand it at all, but mostly just trust that you do and it makes basic sense enough for them to buy.

Face it, Norms dont understand smart contracts and link and how it all fits together. It takes even autists a few reads of the whitepaper or a lot of experience in this space to get it.
If it were that easy the oracle problem would be discussed way more often in this space by many people but its not.

I've personally been in blockchain space learning since 2012. by 2017 I got smart contracts. All the ICO phase i was asking "wht is the fucking point in all this doomed shit, NOTHING can ever succeed without offchain data which is a centralized failure point." I had seen peoples attempts at shitty eth daaps fucking up due to centralized api, or awkward attempts at off chain data.
I invested in shitcoins but only to flip a buck.

Then in Febuary I realsied that you fucking autists were shilling it he entire time. I never looekd at chainlink at all by this point. Then i fucking realised what it was and my mind was blown. THIS was the only way the space could evolve. It was the only solution. My faith was restored and im bullish as fuck ever since on long term.
Link was literally what i had been looking for to solve the problem that anyone who REALLY understands this tech will work out on their own in due time.

Completely different from having a superficial understanding and weak hands like normies who get shilled it by their friends.

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you are clearly smart enough to realise that biz is small, but think about this for a second:

Link is not popular. nobody knows about it. no community outside of biz. biz hold a lot of link that is actively traded as they flip it all the time. bots perform the rest of the trade for market making.
Now look at the order book for link on any given day. 3 BTC order of link makes it go up 10% in value. 3BTC sell makes it tank 10%. that is extremely thin. it take fuck all.
this is how these discords profit from small biz community. they market order 3btc together to send it up, then capitalize on any news like a website, spam link threads and make bizralies fomo back in and push price up on thin order book. then the discord start unloading and let manipulated rally settle.

if you want to know how i know its because i did this with them before, but i have gotten rid of most my bags on forked link now so thought id share.

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$999 EOY

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How much will this sofa be worth in 2022?

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Bored will literally be what makes a linkie not make it. Now isn't the time, the singularity doesn't need us or any normies. embrace this opportunity that ((they)) have reluctantly given you. If people can't respect DYOR and discover LINK they don't deserve it.
We can't force a singularity.


i agree with this anon. its still best to fud still.

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Did everyone forget that 90% of all alts are going to zero?

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