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I just finished consolidating my entire portfolio back into LINK
>LINK 100%
>ducks are in a row

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lol quit whippin' your dicks out, ladies.

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i see link threads, i shitpost. we must hold the lines against the asiatic hordes of invaders on this sacred ground.

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They are paid shills, we werent supposed to find LINK

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we are the financial elite of the 4th industrial revolution

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You fucking spastic...the expectation of profit does not deem something a security. The expectation of a dividend does. Go back to bed you fucking retarded tranny. Everyone that invests in anything expects a profit, it doesn't mean its a security.

The absolute level of retardation here is genuinely embarrassing.

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BTC was created in 09 in 2020 its 24k
LINK was created in 17 in 2020 its 11$
Just fucking chill you absolute degenerate have some patience

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B-bear bros? I think we might have been too cocky this time

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>Occupy Wall Street
>skip college dont take loan
>Smaller port town cus cheap
>prioritizes meat
>Ron Paul 2012 bros fuck the fed
>taxation is theft
>wears boxers and t-shirt cus NEET
>financial elite of 4th industrial revolution
>ducks in a row

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For a glorious week long pump?

If you've been swinging, get in.

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damn we might get v1.0 eoy

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I thought someone would connect the dots by now.
For once in your life try not just to consume. Understand the content and connect the ideas that are given to you, albeit subtlely.

>Before diving into each category, it’s important to emphasize a few key points about the structure of the Chainlink Network that allows it to offer such a diverse array of oracle services simultaneously. Unlike blockchains, which operate as a single monolithic network with a single consensus mechanism, the Chainlink Network is decentralized, made up of numerous independent oracle networks running the same software but operating entirely independent from one another.

Are you getting it?

>Such a design choice allows Chainlink to scale horizontally, as any number of oracle networks can operate in parallel without dependencies on any other oracle network.

Can we make it any more obvious?

>...but developers are free to build their own price oracles using an entirely different or overlapping set of nodes, data sources, update frequencies, and parameters.

So no, Liink is not a shadowfork nor a white label product, it's simply one of the oracle networks that run on chainlink technology and that JPM customized to fit their needs. More of these will pop-up. Some will have their own separate branding such as Liink, some won't. They will all feed different industries and, most importantly, they will all require Link.

With Serg, you just win!

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you know it

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the next 100x after that is also LINK

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How will the election affect Crypto prices?

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Not businesses anon secret cults that hint at those in the know through these schizo symbols. You have to recognize the symbolism for it to have meaning and that's luciferian tactics: using secret knowledge as a guide or a beacon to help those who know.
If you know you know

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Something tells me we're probably gonna be waiting until tomorrow morning then, Anon.

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Thank you anon, have a classic image

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Very nice, but out in oak harbor in the middle of nowhere desu.

Also, don't forget taxes. Taxes eat quite a bit of that money, Anon.

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1. Download Calibre and set up a library
2. Download epubs, there is a certain website where you can find epubs for almost any book ever made and it's not the same site where you'd download other things.
3. Look at the source code of a web page you find comfy to read and find the link to its CSS style file
4. Copy and paste CSS style into Calibre's custom CSS layout option
5. Tweak the other options until it works like a webpage, the most important by far being the smooth scrolling.
5a. If that webpage doesn't have light text on dark by default you do it manually through the font tab

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I can't change your mind, Anon. Even if you don't believe- for your own sake, hodl, would you? You'd be doing yourself a favor.

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I hope these threads aren't needed, but I'll keep posting them every night anyway. Sometimes people need a little bit of calm in the big, deep, rough ocean that is /biz/.

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