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>What you can expect with Link
I dunno, all I know is that as long as it is below $100 I won't part with a single one

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Based fellow paid shill legally and contractually on the payroll of Chainlink Labs! It really is quite comfy being paid directly from the wallets of Sergey Nazarov for crucial duties securing the Chainlink (ticker: LINK) network!

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didnt read not selling

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I can't believe that in 1 year I'm going to have 350 more link than I had before, without doing anything. And this will continue, and the number will only grow, as long as I live.

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think about it. who has 50k usd to lock up in an ethereum smart contract denominated in some obscure erc 20 token that has dumped 85% from the peak, in he worst global macro environment since 2008, when uncertainty has never been higher and FTX just collapsed. Absolute retards and smart money, thats the only two groups. Lets just hope there was some smart money in there and us retards can make it.

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Night before christmas

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They are dumping the market to suppress their accumulation of Chainlink (ticker: LINK)

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Sergey expressed faux-surprise at seeing His visage displayed by the many faithful followers at the Holy Space. Akin to the Mithranic doctrine "Mithras is my only Crown", We are all Sergey is a tried and true practice of stripping one's identity away so that only the Leader remains and it is in the Leader's name we shall act. For His words shall be our words and by His words alone we may speak.


DeFi is filled with deceitful sinners and We (Us) are the only way forward.

As part of the Seventy Seventh Legion of Truth it was an honor and a privilege to serve you today Sergey by cleansing your Modem Router in the name of Truth .

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Nexo is insolvent

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What are the odds ChainLINK goes back to its ATH against Ether? That's 0.047 ETH per LINK.

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What is the stack needed to live like pic related forever?

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I just finished consolidating my entire portfolio back into LINK
>LINK 100%
>ducks are in a row

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lol quit whippin' your dicks out, ladies.

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i see link threads, i shitpost. we must hold the lines against the asiatic hordes of invaders on this sacred ground.

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They are paid shills, we werent supposed to find LINK

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we are the financial elite of the 4th industrial revolution

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You fucking spastic...the expectation of profit does not deem something a security. The expectation of a dividend does. Go back to bed you fucking retarded tranny. Everyone that invests in anything expects a profit, it doesn't mean its a security.

The absolute level of retardation here is genuinely embarrassing.

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BTC was created in 09 in 2020 its 24k
LINK was created in 17 in 2020 its 11$
Just fucking chill you absolute degenerate have some patience

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B-bear bros? I think we might have been too cocky this time

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>Occupy Wall Street
>skip college dont take loan
>Smaller port town cus cheap
>prioritizes meat
>Ron Paul 2012 bros fuck the fed
>taxation is theft
>wears boxers and t-shirt cus NEET
>financial elite of 4th industrial revolution
>ducks in a row

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For a glorious week long pump?

If you've been swinging, get in.

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damn we might get v1.0 eoy

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