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thanks for putting these in a row boys

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You know the drill. I post, you post, some coordinated FUD posts that nobody responds to, and we all vibe and watching Link either go up, or down, and down is more common as of late. Oh well. Still double digits, ey? Hold fast, marines. We'll be fine. Smart con is right around the corner.

Art, music, price predictions, and palm readings as usual. get to it, marines.


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this one got me banned from /po/
i learned the hard way that /po/ is a sacred and special place, protected by a strong magical force.

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I dont even understand what people dont get anymore. The entire value of the LINK network is secured by the value of the LINK token. Yet I tell people this and I get stupid replies like how that would give LINK a marketcap higher than Apple. WTF?! I just cant dumb it down anymore. If you think people will use link then you should be buying because the value of the token is gonna skyrocket. $1000 US dollarinos is just getting started. Largest holders still stocking more and more every month. No one is gonna sell LINK once staking starts. I cant imagine anyone who knows about cyrpto not buying fat stacks of LINK. ****DISCLAIMER****I am a confirmed brainlet with basically no knowledge of how this shit works but I know big numbers can get bigger and projects with no competition will dominate the market. Chainlink will own the data layer. Cap this shit. Imma go get sex now.

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>we will now unlock the 650 million locked links and grant half to us and half foe free to node operators
what went wrong?

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Do any of you faggots have that screenshot in which Sergey talked about what they expect to deliver by EOY?

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Any one have a link of Ari speaking at the conference a few weeks ago? Can’t find any videos want to watch the whole thing. Whole conference video would be great if someone has it.

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So what do you plan on doing after becoming stinky rich??
I would like to buy dividend paying stocks, some real state and opening business such as parking lots, vending machines and gas stations.
What about you Anon?

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Link 1k EOY!!!!

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Link 1k EOY

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>about 50 /biz/ retards
you had two years

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anyone ever make one of these?

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yea i remebr the first distribution was for about .65Link and then there was another one on sunday that was supposed to be for more i just havent chacked the exact figure. There really isnt much for them to pay out right now. Im more excited about the returns when they start staking since the price is still relatively low.

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do so fren

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anyone else look forward to being an oldfag LINK whale who comes back here to plop nuggets of knowledge on the faces of the next generation?

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get ready

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Why does LINK have red candlesticks sometimes?

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Does anyone have the other page with his arms and legs?

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our army is not ready

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100s of teams is the last attempt of Sergey to pump up the price b4 unloading millions of link on deluded linkies

Industries wont be paying for a service their juniors on payroll can develop

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Eoy announcement in 2 minutes in the discord

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Post your best chainlink memes to celebrate

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ITT we discuss the economics behind Link and why it will jumpstart the golden Linkrun and lift millions out of poverty in the Sergularity.

Sub-Topics to discuss:
>Supply and demand curve for real-time decentralized data equilibrium price.
>Link tokens as a percentage of collateral based on failure rates.
>Node operator incentives
>Remaining network security FUD (See the Q&A session at Ocean Protocol to end the FUD).
>Levels of decentralization pricing models.
>Impact of staked Link in multi-year smartcontracts like bonds, CDs, derivatives, etc. (tokens locked for YEARS).

Those with advanced degrees in (((economics))) and business are encouraged to contribute.

From scripture:
>In order for a smart contract on networks like Ethereum to use a ChainLink node, they will need to pay their chosen ChainLink Node Operator using LINK tokens, with prices being set by the node operator based on demand for the off-chain resource their ChainLink provides, and the supply of other similar resources.

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