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What? I pointed the obvious? Utility companies cant be replaced and if large utilities are on the decline dollars wont mean anything by then as states would be on decline and I'd be trading in monero or silver/gold. Why bet on chip/AI wars when you can bet on the houses?

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The other strategy you could just buy and hold bitcoin that halves in availability every 4 years. But oh wait. "its a scam" to SMG on a crypto board.

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Name one tech company outside of microsoft apple and cisco that produced a profit AND a product/service that is unavoidable since january 2000. Techbaggies I'm waiting.

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He didnt bail out anybody in 2008 and consider biden straight up almost said SVB bank investors can get fucked. If you hold tech stocks or anything that doesnt have tons of cash your going to get rekt. Jerome is going to keep raising rates the mumus are going to be slaughtered for another year. See you at sub 100 tesla for a long time.

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>3 semesters calculus
wolfram alpha
>differential equations
wolfram alpha
>"calculus" enginigger physics
algebra common sense problems
>"calculus" enginigger mechanics
more algebra common sense problems
>material science blah blah thermodynamics
test curve wolfram alpha halfass homework teachers dont care students cheat anyways
>computational blah blah 3d modeling
cadmonkey whatever
>robots PLC machine shop
follow instruction book meso smart

Sip* yep that will be 60k a year no refunds get in the complain about jeet scripters line NEXT

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>one oil refinery built when jimmy carter was president has more 2022 capacity then every single refinery built in america after 2000 combined
>growing revenue
>ESG is lie though

ah so this is cope huh?

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>taking darknet markets seriously while bitcoin mining has taken nuclear power plants

I mean yeah XMR will keep growing and toss the shitcoins (link, litecoin, "stables", XRP, cardano) down the well as its marketcap increases like it did to btrash but come on man. How are you going to have your "ancap" money when you haven't ceased the means of electricity? Bitcoin network is a SR71 blackbird while monero is a riced out chopper. ASIC mining is a feature not a flaw.

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Just came in to say XMR will be the only used sh*tcoin in 2040. Thank you all and g'night skelleniggers and maxiniggers.

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