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Anyone else get the distinct feeling when they read comments on Tate videos that his fans are all brown teenagers? Mexicans, Muslims, and likely mulattos and other mix breeds

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Are you a minority, a drug addict, or both?

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>be me
>went Monday to Wednesday without having any junk food
>no binging and probably had less than 2000 calories each day
>felt fine
>woke up this morning after slightly not enough sleep
>went to work
>did work
>ate lunch
>finished work; all the young people socialising while I was the ugly freak in the corner
>buy junk food on way home (not in an overly hopeless way, I'm just happening to do it)
>have junk food binge
>waste evening
>now about to exercise

When you're an ugly beta, socialising is a scam, a rigged game.

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you will never get to have cocaine fueled orgies with Leia-chan

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The economy is shrinking, yet everyone I know is making more money than ever.

I recently saw a girl I knew from high school, an idiot, and she has spent the last two years taking contracts as a travel nurse. I was curious and asked how much money she made doing that and she told me she cleared $300,000 in 2021. She just bought a house and took a new travel nurse contract starting next week.

It’s the same story everywhere. People getting 25, 30, 35% raises unprompted. My cousin is a freight broker, he said their starting salary has moved from $55,000 to $85,000 because they can’t keep workers and he made so much in commission last year that he’s buying a house in the city. My young cousin dropped out of college because he made so much in crypto

Everyone is rich now, this isn’t demoralization, this is literally what I’ve seen and experienced. There is a sign at the local Walgreens saying they are looking to hire a pharmacist with a $50,000 signing bonus because they can’t get help anymore. Inflation seems to be a total non issue, everyone is spending tens thousands of dollars as if it’s nothing.

What the fuck is happening out there?

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When I talk about finance the way people on this board do when I’m in real life people get angry

I say things like “$100,000 is barely any money” or “you shouldn’t want to work and you shouldn’t have any loyalty to your company” people get seriously mad at me, like red in the face angry.

What’s the deal? This seems like common sense to me, I didn’t realize it was so far outside the norm.

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>be me
>finish work on Friday evening
>go for 2 hour walk while listening to Twitter space
>buy junk food on way home
>get massive rush of optimism for life as I'm carrying the junk food home; clearly Pavlovian reaction, as that feel normally comes after the sugar rush
>binge, waste rest of evening, skip gym
>wake up on sunny Saturday morning
>browse internet, drink coffee, read book
>day flies by to 3 pm
>go walking outside for 4 hours and saw a new place
>eat prawns and tub of Ben and Jerry's and browse internet
>go to gym in late evening, lifting goes well
>browse internet, which meant my fast food binge was post-midnight
>slept too fucking late
>woke up at 9 am on Sunday, browsed internet, slept more, browsed internet
>now 11 am and should sleep more
>plan to go for a walk, then maybe a final binge, then gym, then idk

My main hope for the upcoming week is that I can stop having a pathetic beta demeanour. Do any other losers have that feeling where you get paranoid about people criticising you for imposing yourself if you were to talk loudly and normally?

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>be me after work yesterday
>went for a walk in late evening while listening to Moldbug on a podcast
>couldn't be bothered going to gym
>slept earlier than usual
>woke up
>listened to Richard Spencer on Twitter, drank coffee
>went to work, worked
>came back, bought binge food on way home
>guilt free sunny evening binge while browsing internet
>will go for walk right now
>will go to gym later

Work, binge, sleep, repeat.

That's life. First you're young and all the ennui feels glorious and like sugary mint ice cream melting in your mouth. Then you're old and past it and disgusting.

You're either a normie that effortlessly fits in everywhere or you're not.

Either you're ugly or you're not.

Maybe tomorrow will be different...

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>be me yesterday after work
>decide to buy 3000+ calorie binge food
>"this is it, the final binge, life is changing, it's all going to become better!"
>lie in bed in evening
>just about get energy to go to gym
>lifting goes very well but still feel so fat
>wake up slightly too early
>browse internet
>have lmao2shits and a morning coffee
>go to work
>get so depressed by being ugly (was traumatised after seeing myself on the video call (and I'm not even a tranny))
>job responsibilities pretty much amount to being the unskilled bureaucratic layer on top of all the workers with hard skills (and who therefore can be commoditised), the cultural glue that binds all of them... but I'm an ugly roach nobody likes
>long-term projects amount to implementing a pointless bureaucratic system that will be forgotten the second I leave
>all the young attractive people socialising
>fuck it, time to binge
>go home, buy binge food on the way
>have Ben and Jerry's, minstrels, sweets, big bag of crisps
>currently drinking le coffee and browsing le internet
>will go for a walk that will feel totally pointless halfway through, then I'll go to the gym later
>my real life is postponed until tomorrow

How common is it to feel like a disgusting slug in the middle of the day? Being an ugly beta is life on European Extreme.

My ennui would be so much more profound if I weighed 20 kg less. I imagine myself walking in to work with 2 litre bottles of Pepsi max strapped to me.

NGL, it's demoralising watching me crash and burn. But we can't let this madman get his hands on the ice cream vouchers!

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>be me on Sunday evening
>have a big fat fast food binge followed by chocolate and ice cream at home
>feel so disgustingly fat
>that's it, the last binge ever, time to lose over 15 kg
>I'll start this newfound commitment by not eating until Tuesday
>I'll also start doing productive stuff in my free time; had an epiphany about this on Saturday night but it wore off by Sunday early afternoon but now it's not an epiphany, just a commitment
>skip gym
>wake up slightly too early but nvm, I can go through the day slightly tired
>start work
>first few hours of work are the highest pressure parts of this week but it all goes well
>kind of zoned out during latter half of day
>get more work near end of day but finish at 5 on the dot anyway
>feel like I want nothing more than a big fat junk food binge
>I'll go to the supermarket and buy meat to cook and eat; that will fill me up and get rid of the cravings
>go to store
>buy junk food and meat
>eat the junk food at home and have some meat, which is ok, but I can tell that after tomorrow at work I won't be craving this
>now feeling low energy
>will go for a walk while listening to a podcast and then gym and then sleep
>I'll go to work tomorrow thinking "this is the fattest my coworkers will ever see me, it's all uphill from here"

I guess that's life. 5 minutes ago I was in my early 20s. Now I'm in my early 30s. Youth gone.

I'm so ugly. I'm so beta. I have no hobbies. I haven't even read fiction or played vidya or watched a movie or TV show episode for a long time (the latter two for months and years) for a long time.

I really do nothing with my life. Ugly then. Ugly now. A slug in society.

I've never done anything non-trivial, apart from some fairly creative shitposts. Everything I do is a linear combination of everything else.

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>be me
>wake up on Saturday morning
>read and finish a book
>waste time online
>went for 2.4 hour Saturday walk on a very mundane day while listening to podcasts
>eat ice cream at home
>go to gym; lifting goes well
>eat at fast food place late at night
>browse internet in bed, don't sleep until 4 am while feeling painfully tired
>wake up at 11 am
>browse internet, do chores, do more chores
>go for walk while listening to podcast
>binge on fast food and some junk food while browsing internet
>feel SO fat; surely that was the last binge ever
>decide to skip gym
>now lying in bed, browsing internet
>work this week isn't going to be very high pressure or busy; it will peak in those aspects by mid-day on Monday

I changed my Sunday formula but not in a good way.

I know I say this all the time but I really need to start producerbulling.

Currently wishing I could move to America and fully sell my soul to capitalism instead of this bowling bumper / bicycle stabiliser British version for kids. I think the food is so toxic in America that I'd be forced to eat healthily or else I'd balloon in to a whale.

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when is LAUNCH?!

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I’m not sure I know a single one, seems like 250k is average for mid to late 20s now. I know a dozen with at least 250k in liquid assets,

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I’ve never been hugged by anyone

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I can probably guess the sentiment.
This kinda thing is boomer bait boiled down to its purest form.
She’s a hot blonde chick, who’s good at golf, which is an old man’s sport.
It’s the same thing that happens when guys drool over girls who are into guns or sports.
Boomers make no attempt at seeing things from other peoples’ point of view, so they see a cute girl who likes what they like and think “Jackpot!”
Meanwhile, these types of girls are really the most ruthless gold diggers you could ever encounter.
Of course she doesn’t like golf/guns/football, but if she pretends to, she’ll be able to get some old stupid guy to finance a pretty comfortable lifestyle.

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I make $63,000 as a mechanical engineer designing, testing, and overseeing the manufacturing of agricultural machinery that farmers use to extract crops from the earth more efficiently, 3 years of experience in the “industry”.

How is it possible that these code monkeys make twice as much as me with the same number of years of experience and no degree?

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>finish work on Friday evening
>buy junk food, binge, waste rest of evening
>wake up on Saturday morning
>browse internet, read book, drink coffee
>ate a little bit
>go for a lmao6mile walk while listening to podcasts
>walk was a pale imitation of last week's walk (was walking same route for second time, weather was cooler, not as sunnier)
>browsed internet, read book
>went to gym and lifting went well
>had a fast food binge (not as much as usual)
>wokenup at around 8 am on Sunday morning
>browser internet on phone in bed
>skimmed a few walkthroughs of games I completed 20, 16, and 13 years ago, feeling nostalgic
>drank coffee while reading book (The Network State by Balaji Srinivasan)
>somehow it was around 1 pm already
>went to rest my eyes before walking; slept until after 4 pm
>went walking while listening to podcasts of people doing actual things with their lives
>had a fast food binge; had regular cola (normally only drink diet stuff)
>now browsing internet before going to the gym and then sleeping
>weekend was very meh

I've gone from an everythingstential crisis in my 20s to a nothingstential crisis in my early 30s. There's nothing much to motivate me or think about. That's life as your everyday neighbourhood ugly beta male.

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>finish work on Friday evening
>buy junk food, binge, waste rest of evening
>wake up on Saturday morning
>browse internet, read book, drink coffee
>ate a little bit
>go for a lmao6mile walk while listening to podcasts
>walk was a pale imitation of last week's walk (was walking same route for second time, weather was cooler, not as sunnier)
>browsed internet, read book
>went to gym and lifting went well
>had a fast food binge (not as much as usual)
>wokenup at around 8 am on Sunday morning
>browser internet on phone in bed
>skimmed a few walkthroughs of games I completed 20, 16, and 13 years ago, feeling nostalgic
>Sunday will be similar to Saturday but with the doom of work (which isn't even bad anymore)

A few random nostalgic memories are going through my thoughts, even though I know I was an unaltered loser at the time.

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>be me
>go for a short walk yesterday evening and heat feels not too bad
>go to gym and do cardio
>avoided junk food all day
>sleep goes badly because it's so fucking hot
>wake up after not enough sleep
>start working
>work goes meh
>buy binge food after work
>outside feels like a total sauna while having hot air blown at me
>binge at home
>feel like I'm melting
>drink coffee
>will go to gym right now after wasting all my free time online

Life is so boring and pointless.

Life as an ugly beta male is a scam.

I tell myself I'll stop binging on junk food but then I try to imagine not eating ice cream and it feels so bad.

I can't fucking wait for it to "only" be in the mid 20 degrees tomorrow.

One of my coworkers is a literal GigaStacey and it's depressilising.

Just as I'm writing this post I've decided to skip the gym today. I'm not feeling at my best because of missed sleep. I'll just imagine myself as those tabloid pictures of fat Leo DiCaprio or Elon Musk ("H-heh, j-just like me...") tomorrow.

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The sad thing is all she’d have to do is giggle at the jokes of some wagelsave beta like myself and we’d end up taking care of her and she wouldn’t have to work

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Shill me your coins

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my room is empty i only got something to sleep on. how can i convince her to go over her place ?
she is actually hot and i found out she got a manlet boyfriend i am at least half meter taller you think she maybe trying to monkey branch

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hello again.

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