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rugpull pnd season is over.
who's taking their mcdc and wynaut gains and putting them in btc after the crash?
every thread on /biz/ for the past two weeks has been delusional

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it was 16/17 for what? 5 minutes?
its never getting back up there. its going to go up and down around 10 cents until it eventually goes to 0.
they ban anyone who doesnt suck their dick and act like theyre the messiahs who saved us from being poor.

to any newfags, there's some shady shit going on behind the scenes, if you join the telegram youll see. the top wallets may not have sold but the devs are definitely making money, most likely through other people buying/selling for them. also almost every thread here on mcdc is made by them and the posters in it are them. if you see anybody posting "just bought" in a thread, its most likely a lie. look at the # of holders and youll see. the number has barely changed in 2 days. if you didnt get in .01 or below you should not try to make money here. theres plenty of other shitcoins to get in on early.

lmao. have fun taking money from newfags i guess

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>$4000 in bank
>$1000 credit card debt
>make $500/week
>messed with crypto in the past but new to stocks because of recent shit
>$2000 into nok tomorrow morning
am i retarded or is this based

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