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What the fuck is LCI's problem? It's been dumping every day for a week

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I meant SDOW

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This is what happens to dip-buyers.

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>the world is awash in cheap money
>hold fiat

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About the only thing that hasn't turned on me is AAPL, INTC, T (even after yesterday's haircut) and SCHK. Everything else is pic related.

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That's my HODL face

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Same. Dean was 3% of my portfolio, and today I got /JUST'd/ out of $900 - 85% of my principal. But it's pointless for me to lament about it now. All I can do is learn from it: no more non-marginable equities, keep gambles under 1%, and most importantly of all never ever forget Ralph Scozzafava's motherfucking name :^)

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>mfw the Walmart Militia will be a faction in the next Fallout game

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The only dildo you'll see is the one I shove up my ass while I fuck your mother, then catch us as the dildo flies out and I spread shit on her comfy bedsheets

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Imagine being the unquestioned lord and master of an entire country. Then imagine that country is North Korea.

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can you talk to another human being without insulting them? you literally made me discard everything you have to say in the first sentence. you're terrible at getting others to understand your point of view.

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screw you two. you're elitist twats that can't even understand the value of being able to listen to stuff while you're doing something else. information is the same regardless if in text or audio.

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Ok, let me run you through this real fast:
You google "investing", you read a lot, you youtube "stock investing", you search for relevant courses online, and in the meantime you pick up bits and pieces of valuable information and valuable sources and learn to discern them from sh*t ones... do this for years and years. Browse amazon, you'll find enough lectures. Finance studies wouldn't hurt either, at least so you know how to read financial statements, and what's a "share", but you can learn that elsewhere as well.

Meanwhile, you trade, than you invest, you loose some, you gain some, you learn what works and what doesn't. Do this for years and years as well.

Than, if keep at it long enough, and manage to not loose everything, despite marketing coning, shit advice, misguidance and at times shaking hands, you eventually "git gud".

No problem bro.

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