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>didn't buy ROSE

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>could have bought 0.5 BTC with mined doges yesterday
>can only afford 0.43 BTC today

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>wanting to be scribbled on by a wagie drug addict

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In all seriousness, I've got two simple questions regarding her plan to tax the unrealized capital gain.

There are definitely many other fiscal and monetary regulations that she can use to ease the economic burden. Why choose taxing on UNREALIZED capital gain? Why did she go with this one?

How would this regulation help the economy? In what way? If passed, this would only disincentivize investors to put their money into the market, reducing the capital needed by companies to survive and/or to expand. GDP will shrink. My smoothbrain can't understand how her plan would help the already fucked economy.

Anyone care to explain?

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>ERC20 shitcoin not needed
>and it's not "blockchain agnostic", because it runs on Ethereum, you braindead faggot
I've just realized I am debating with literal sub-100 IQ teenager. Alright kid, you won. NGMI.

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"thread per hour"


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I didn't quite get that. Could you rephrase your previous reply in a more simplistic way so that it might make more sense for someone like me who clearly isn't as highly educated as you are?
Much thanks.

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Yeah buddy, you're really changing hearts and minds by repeatedly posting "scam" and "zzzzzzz" in every single one of these threads. Lol you stupid faggot.

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>Whatever fucking idiot doesn't have an emergency savings account for moments like this is the same type of scumbag not to pay, and to let the debt go to a collector.
Lol u calling the banks scumbags? Cool it with the antisemitic remarks!

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pump my fetch.ai bags please

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>faggots who fell for one of the memes I listed above and think they will "make it".
I'm not saying entrepreneurship is bad always, or that trades is bad always, or that buying crypto/stock is bad always, etc.
But it's not how they tell you it is, that's why it's a meme. The truth is more nuanced than one thinks.

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Slower than Freenet whose free.

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>mfw none of you fucking retards know adolf was bankrolled by many rich americans, many of the same ones who were trying to make a coup against roosevelt

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>the retards are back
DYOR. i don't care if you miss the moon mission.

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>he isn’t buyin the dip

Not going to make it

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i want an asian gf so bad

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>(buying overpriced coffee pods will keep you poor btw.)

>Mfw cant convince my boomers parents to stop buying into the coffee pod jew

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i really hope you're right

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I dont know if many ppl here who purchased pre august 2017 are here anymore, but you must all be laughing or getting irritated by newfags too.

Literally all last year on the way up we were dealing with “omg its over, too late to invest in 2017” on every pull back. Exacept at least it was reasonable when new ATH constantly.

Now you bubble buyers are just tue village idiots.

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is tethering even safe? im worried that if i tether the whole house of cards will come crashing down and ill end up losing everything

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>go to any business forum online
>search bitcoin, see thousands of posts

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>You're a fucking idiot if you can't calculate a 15 or 20 percent tip in your head.
>if you dont enjoy tipping culture, you are bad at math
>i enjoy tipping, so therefore I am much more skilled than others at math
congrats on this, seriously.

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thats super fucked up, i didnt want to read that

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