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I told you all to buy rare cards, but you laughed at me and bullied the alternative investments general. Now look at the state of you

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These legendary collection reverse holos are my jam. Pick some up because theyre so unique even still after 25 years.

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I'm betting a titanic slice of my portfolio that you are wrong, and that I will be able to offload my fancy squares because of greater fool theory. Also these are the original NFTs that hold strong thru the ages because half the collectors are zealots like me.
I will sell a few to make my profit and the rest i'll hodl with pleasure. I look through my binders and stacks of cards frequenty and admire them more than fiat bills thats for sure. I also admire my coin collection. they can load me up on a viking ship and my treasure will go down with me. Wait till the real clown world attrition ramps up in the next decade or so
I love the (You)s I get in this TCG general... financially speaking ofc

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