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and yet none of you fucks talk about vinu, it's always X dogcoin, the simpsons one, solana this solana that, do you guys have no imagination or actually try to look for alternatives and just stick to whatever is popular?
get real

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dunno don't care, since discovering Loaf cat i've been getting too invested on solana and shit that appears over there
good luck with your shitcoins i guess, but i would recommend y'all bitches to sell before it eventually implodes

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Short answer: yes.
Most women as they age become more aggressive and most men tend to "mellow out" and start to become less confrontational / aggressive. This, combined with the fact that older men tend to like younger women and are no longer easily manipulated by women their age, makes older women go for more aggressive tactics since manipulation doesn't work for them anymore.

Curiously enough, i was dating a girl older than me by 5 years and she was bastly more "outgoing" than other women i've dated, it was all sweet at first but we broke up recently after i mentioned my dextools balance by chance and started questioning me and shit and getting all annoyed and enraged for no fucking reason. I know a flag when i see one and after trying to defuse the situation to no avail i just said "we're done, gtfo" and kicked her out of my apartment and blocked her. Thank god we didn't share common friends and shit, cuz the last thing i need is her making shit up about me and make me look evil or some shit.

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cant believe so much /biz/ couldn't predict the dump
I sold at the peak and now i'm waiting for it to hit the lowest and see how it slowly builds back up
like, that's how big coins work
like if it was a smaller coin like vinu, then i could get it. they work in different ways and you need to use different strategies for each coin youre spending money on
its YOUR money at he end of the day

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>be me
>invest in crypto 2016
>get called a fucking idiot a lot by family
>move out eventually in 2017
>family doesn't call me in months
>bitcoin blows up
>suddenly get thousands of messages and calls from my father, mother and brother
I had a vision, they mocked me and belittled me and they dared to act like i should be grateful to them or some shit and that i "owed" them
I eventually blocked them in all social media and been well off since
Now i'm just chilling scrorrling, checking binance every now and then, seeing if btc or bigmike went up and stuff
Its lonely, but i better be lonely that be stuck with people who only see me for my financial worth than my worth as a person

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Notice how it happens around this time literally every day

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God fucking damn it when is the price re-discovery coming for this piece of shit. First one to dump, last one to pump. Is it undervalued or is it going to be a $150-$170 stablecoin for the rest of its life while everything else grows. its losing to inflation at this point lol

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That only brings joy to soulless niggers

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>Euros woke up, crypto just started dumping again as usual

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>silver isn't worth for first time investors

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>europoors wake up
>crypto dumps

like fucking clockwork

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>euros wake up
>crypto dumps

as fucking usual...

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> ex-Google, ex-Meta, ex-FAANG

i get why they do it but it's all so tiresome.

mods: before you delete this, this is more biz related than 90% of the posts here. but you janny dorks wouldn't know about that since you dont have real jobs.

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nigga's demoralized because he didn't bought BTC in time
just get some XOR, that token is pumping fast
you want some money op? then get yo ass off that fucking chair and start investing into something useful

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sorry, slight offshade of pinkish yellow. there, fixed it. much better. god what a bunch of idiots can't even look at a girl and realize that her pale complexion has nothing to do with the melanin percentage in her biggest organ. man if i could punch everyone who made the same mistake over the head i'd have 10 broken knuckles! ha! sure showed you, how dare you assume someone's ethnicity. clearly this is the darkest, most deeply pigmented being to ever crouch and take a shit on the beach. if i took someone black as night and put them next to each other, you wouldn't even be able to tell them apart. please, am i the only person who is seeing this? that girl is black as hell yall! no cap!

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I don’t want le epic unicorn i just want things worth holding im tired of actively jumping from coin to coin for having no trust on anything Terra has given me crypto trust issues.

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>not even gonna try to cope with his lie
alright just leave now please

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it's time to stop these shills, neither GMT nor GST are going to pump niggers

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devs promised ui pics this weekend
where are they?
devs promised anystake LONG ago
where is it?
oh and where the fuck is the new audit?

this is a legit project but you're kidding yourself if you don't think this will not only dump but come to fruition anytime soon. lazy ass devs

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STA really has niggers now

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why dont you go to the same place the other 10 IQ retard >>30247809
went and post weak bait over there?

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