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YZY is mooning and you all are staying fucking poor instead of ape on that shit and farming.

@yzydao is the TG, come whine about missing out on the gainz.

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This, Doge is going to moon and bobo fags will kill themselves

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See invite for discord server YZY DAO
Dev announces new token for high yield
whitelist form makes me check box stating im degenerate
Ape in 1 eth
Dev says need sleep, goes offline
Dev stay sleep for long time
Community sad, say = skem
Dev returns 0.11 ETH
Dev goes asleep again
Community starts cult
Dev publishes GitHub commits out of nowhere
Cult = happy
Cult enters the guarded Citadel
DAO Launches today, farming wbtc, becoming chad.

youtubeVid fnzkofab3ws

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