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I lost $3k in the 2018 crash, lost $15k in the current crash so far, I guess by extrapolation I'll lose $75k in the 2026 crash because apparently I'm incapable of learning/too greedy. Fuck my existence

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I just want to kill myself but I'm too afraid to do it, I don't even know anymore, I don't feel alive, I just exist

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>feel tired
>drink caffeine
>feel more tired
>drink even more caffeine
>feel even more tired

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I want the bullrun to end already so I can buy low again. Fucking missed all moon missions

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The limit order feature was released and nothing happened...
I know we have to be patient, but damn...

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>remember traversing the fupa inch after inch with my hand trying to find the pussy
Probably better that you don’t have em

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>my first kid is going to be born next month and even with all the economic shit happening i genuinely thought i could not only give my kid a better childhood than mine (two parents) but i also thought they'd have an edge economically
i know you whales are making splish splashes but fucking christ now is not the time
let bitcoin moon in the midst of all this inflation shit
it's not like the money you're collecting is real anyway

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>tfw brownoid
>tfw l*ndoner
>tfw retarded r*fugee dad didn’t buy property immediately when he came to the country, instead wagecucking to help his siblings first
>tfw your parents have been rentcucking for 20+ years
>tfw uni student
>tfw you live in a rentier Jew-chink-Russian owned plutocracy with no way of getting on the property ladder

help me lads

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I’m starting to fuckin lose it boys, down 30% overall in 2 weeks..

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>here i am staring at charts 8 hours a day to get maybe a third of just the money in his hand
>dont even have a car
Im dying

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i knew this would happen if i swung. I just wanted to try it once

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>bitcoins drops a few %
>welp better start selling my alts

who actually does this and what causes this phenomenon?

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Let’s take a look at the most shilled coins from here this summer:

Dead pajeet shitcoin

Dead Ponzi


Dead shitcoin Ponzi

Crabbing vaporware

Centralized data gang pump and dump

Lost 70% of its value in sats since this summer (LOL)

Meanwhile Redditors were spending the whole time stacking legit undervalued projects like ADA or NANO or DOT and are now millionaires

And the actual moonshots like FTM or MATIC were widely dismissed.

You guys got right one time in the last 12 months and that’s with GRT, besides that it’s just months of failure. If you just bought bitcoin at $10,000 this summer you would have outperformed 99% of this board.

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Lost 3/4 of my portfolio leverage trading. I thought I was one of the big boys but I see now I was the sucker.

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Getting paid in 8 hours so I have to stand by and watch it pump in the meantime

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How do I get fired from my retail wagecuck job for performance without egregious harm to the company? I want out and receive 6 months of government gibs. This is soul crushing

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Just do something bros. This crab is too much

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When is btc gonna go back up

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I could have bought Rubic at .03
I could have had a nice stack
I could have made it
I believed the fud and stayed away
Now I have to live a lifetime of torment and regret

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I miss the times before I started crypto

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>Salary is on Monday so I have to stand and watch as dip recovers

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I am so totally and utterly done with XRP fud and all the bull that comes with it. I am damn near sick of new meme dates that are obvious bullshit and riddles that get deleted when they don't pan out. I can't stand hearing about the SEC, banker shitcoin, all the money, replacing swift crap anymore. However, I am never fucking selling my XRP it either makes me money one day or it doesn't. The fuck else am I going to do with the few k I have in it? Get a 1/10 of a percent in a CD, lose a bunch in stocks when they decide to pull the easy money, spend it on dumb shit and women. I just fucking can't anymore! Gold, silver, food, guns, dividend stocks, real property, having a business and eliminating the last of my debt. I'm fucking done with this shit; this world is not for me. Goodluck frens.

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Thats it. I am quitting crypto forever for good. I always panic sell I literally cannot not do it. I already lost 25% on a single day just because constant panic selling, I am at a net loss since I started.

I can only loose money with this bye bros

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The ato are fucking theives bro.

But if you've held for a year you will get taxed about 40% on half of what you cash out.

So if you cash out the full 3 million, you'll pay 40% tax on 1.5m so you can expect to lose about 600k

Man tax gets me proper mad though, fucking jews tax my income at 40% then I put what's left into crypto as an investment and they come back for another 40% slice. Fucking dogs.

Still I'd rather pay then to to jail.

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