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> You wasted all of your 20's sat in front of a fucking computer.
Some of us made the most of it $$$
> You didn't progress a career
Didn't shorten life expectancy from a decade of stress and brown nosing while a boss got to enjoy $500 lunches and trips to Cancun
> You didn't "travel"
Damn right, travelling is something that should be earned, having money to do it is only one prerequisite
> You didn't make use of being young and getting girls when it's so easy and your brain can still enjoy it
That's just a dopamine addiction, it's like saying you didn't smoke and use meth while your brain could still enjoy it. Your brain would've had to rewire itself after stopping which is a more painful process than never binging.

> You didn't do fucking anything
I did.

> You literally just sat in front of a computer, pursued some retard-tier hobbies, and zombied through a decade
I didn't

> Maybe you had health problems or similar, that meant you couldn't really do very much in those years.
In good health, unlike those dedicated 'workers' with years of back problems and early onset osteoarthritis.

> try to catch up (you can't and it's just pathetic)
To what? You're still in the high school mindset where everything's a race. Stop comparing yourself to others.

> try to slot in where you are (you can't because you have no career, no friends, and are noticeably different)
This is obviously wrong too, keep growing in an organic and sustainable way.


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