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>RC called himself warren icahn
>warren buffett and carl icahn both met with RC although they didn't confirm talking about anything important
>pulte said at the december meetup that we might find out what only the young means in a month from then (january)
>in january RC posted "wtf" with the cereal box possibly indicating february 14 (valentine's day)
>court stuff moved to february 14, to be decided on the papers, pulte said it seemed like the judge had what he needed and it was exciting
>AJ posted the "i predict" tweet explanation of the february 24 2021 tweet with the frog emoji (leap year - 2024 is a leap year) and mcdonald's ice cream pic
>RC posted an "i predict" tweet a couple of hours after AJ's tweet with the same minute on the timestamp
>redditor suggests the deal is done and it's 10 days from february 14 because of the 10 day notice before issuing new shares
please let it be real goddamn none of this makes sense if we simply got rugpulled but we still got lots of hopium from RC and pulte

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I've no fucking clues my dude

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This makes sense to me, but the fud feels organic too. Fud today is an unsettling mix of robotic monotony and deeply personal outpouring, a clockwork orange.
We may need to devise a Voight-Kampff test for fuddies.

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>Nah, it's probably early-mid 20th century
Can confirm, seller said the ashtray was made during the 50's.
>with a 1628 Austrian Taler
wtf this coin looks epic fren! Looks like the kind of coin worth a shit ton. Do you plan to free it from it's bowly prison?

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1 week for 1 million?

I get water too, right?

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I can't remember...

I'm going to the psychward in the morning for a mental screening.

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I need to go to a butt doctor. Mine has a crack in it.

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what about all the OF whores/escorts/strip girls/twitch coombaits who clear X5 this amount just for showing their boobies to simps?

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>2k dollars at goldbugsupply
2nd hand?
I didn't check for years, but i thought these machines were way more expensive than that..
That's a good thing if they become more affordable and not reserved to pros, it will incentivize more ppl who were previously spooped of fakes to invest.

As PMs are becoming increasingly popular, i'm sure smart businessmen will understand the value of developping cheap and portable sigma machines for the public. As always during the gold rush, the wise man sells the pickaxes. If i had a million or two this would be my n°1 business idea rn.

Can't wait to see compass sized sigma costing a hundred bux few years from now.

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start one faggot, I will shit post on it.

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>having an esoteric artisanal herb and seed production farm
Please esoteric herbpill me fren, it sound so mysterious and captivating, like a lost hidden knowledge inherited from the atlantean mystery schools.

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Nice, what country fren?

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good post fren

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It might come to be a shock for you, but the US aren't the only country on planet earth. I know, i know... you need some time to digest it. But it's true nonetheless.

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Thank you for this astute brown market action analysis. This is what I come here for.

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does wluna still follow lunac?

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Holy FUCK I can’t stop buying silver. Why is it so addictive?

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nope not yet

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the one where i try to trade, shitpost, and take care of my son before my wife comes home from work and i have to listen to her tell me about her day,

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thats Amazin'

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>tfw I forgot to buy in november when I had the cash.

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