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>it has to turn red eventually
Yes, but how long can you last?
In Vegas tables have minimum and maximum bets.
The cheapest tables are $1. They have max of $100.
You can just go to a new table once you hit $100, but how long can you stay solvent.
$10,000 will not be enough even if you start out at $1.
The Martingale strategy you are trying has been test for over 300 years now. It is confirmed to be a losing strategy.
You have to lose 11 times in a row. Eventually you are going to lose 11 times in a row because eventually you will have the probability of losing 11 times in a row.

"16 wipe outs per 1,000 attempts."

If you do your strategy 1,000 times. Then 16 of those times you are going to get fucked. Does it make sense now? Eventually you will do your strategy and it will burn you.

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