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Lots of cope here.
>Russia currently occupies around 20% of Ukraine since war started
>Said territory is easily the most energy rich /resource rich in the country
>US prognosis is low Ukraine can take it back
>Russia is a garrison state with near limitless capacity for war production
>Ukraine is taking casualties at a 3:1 ratio of Russia even on defense
>Russia has not engaged any of their active Military units
>Main front line units to date are Donesk peoples units, SMO consctipts and Wagner forces.
>Russia does not care about total air superiority over all of Ukraine, only over near front line forces if which they have near uncontested superiority
>Shahed drones cost $20k. Ukraine air defense missiles cost $100k each to shoot down. Ameritards think this is a winning strategy.
>Russian artillery is superior to Nato is every way. HIMARS are exception but are difficult to repair, replace and scale.
>Russia sees this war rightly as existential (NATO does not)
>Russian population is staunchly behind Putin on this. Any wish thinking of Putin being assassinated would only result in more bellicose replacement.
>Ameritards on this thread think war success is defined by land coverage; Russian strategy from the start is to destroy the Ukrainian army. I.e. 100 Ukrainian troops die per day on average during war to 20-30 Russians.
>Ukrainian goals are to provoke NaTo into the war. While NATO will change everything in this war, it is difficult to see long term support for a war where 100k+ NATO casualties will occur even without nuclear war happening.
> Despite all the /k/ knowitalls no American soldier has fought in a war of this intensity since Korea. None. Iraq, Vietnam, Afghanistan have all been safari rides by comparison to the current conflict in Ukraine now.

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ALGO @1.55

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>thinking about selling a coin that fucking reached $2 in a month while even Cardano and Dogecoin still hasn't breached $1 despite being much bigger

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I bought 60 shares at 18 when it was soaring and I was fucking seething when it dipped, but I bought 30 more when it was 7 along with some GME when it dipped under 300.

I really fucking hope monday makes me some money, this was stressful as fuck

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This isn't a matter of pride, it's a matter of honor.

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How are cbdcs fucking xrp and how is xrp fucking them back harder?

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Daily reminder that more people will die from suicide and have their lives ruined by the economic shutdown than by this Chinese bio weapon

Look at Chinese they are living life right now because they know this is a game. Crash the US economy. The only way you let the Chinks win is by shutting down. We have to rebound and then do everything in our power to annihilate them on every front.

>hammer them with tariffs
>jack up our military
>hang the traitors
>gulag BLM/Antifa
>beef up our allies near/around Asia

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67k here.
I'm getting so fed up with Chainlink I might dump all the rest I have and put it into Kleros.
1 million PNK or bust baby

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