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Listen here, you fucking asshole. We've been spending weeks in these threads, long after you lost interest. We analyzed the fuck out of this situation, and those of us who saw the posts from the anon who used math to prove that reported short interest was significantly higher in reality, and saw the whales who are long, and saw the completely artificial and bullshit behind the scenes trading the drive the price down to 40 over the course of weeks.
Guess you weren't here for all that though, and I'm not going to spoon feed you. Why should I do your legwork?

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Your ID is pink and mine is green. Your opinions are nothing, while my words are pure gains.

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j...just a dip, right you guys? Green day for sure tomorrow haha

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There is zero chance we will allow CBDCs to succeed. Your citzens can play minecraft and will have the last say.

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Tell me that's fake lol

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Shut up

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My family had to flee nazi germany and due to capital controls they had to move to a fucking jungle in south america as they only could take some valuables in gold hiden.

Get fucked commie , panopticon will be smashed.

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y'all niggers better sell desu
you gonna get fucked up

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Mfw this sidetracked the great reset.

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How much ETH should I keep aside for gas fees during alt season?

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>how to fix youtube

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I swear to God I'm going to put $10,000 on GILD. That old whore better pay my rent for this year.

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What did you study in college? Beer? Ass? You gay loser.

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At what point will this dip end? I want to buy at the fiat bottom, not talking about time. Is right now the correct time?
>or has pic related yet to come

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what is a good alternative that is like how cryptowatch used to be? something better than cmc that has charts you can toggle, all on one page

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You gotta go back.
You don't deserver to know about [redacted].

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this thread sucks kys

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I'm almost 40 and a boomer. Will die alone with a ton of gold, stock, and crypto. No body wants me because too boring. Also, body is falling apart.

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>Message some cute 400lb girl on Feabie
>Chat for a bit
>Tells me before we go any further she actually charges people for this etc etc
>She was thicc so I ask "ok what would $100 buy me?"
>Nothing, haven't you heard of findom?

I can't believe this meme is true and people are falling for it

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>slowly regaining

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