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What do people mean when they say "start a business"? A business doing what? I see enough businesses around, if anything there are too many, very little of them are actually essential and just kind of take up space, I have never needed something and thought "damn it's a shame there's no businesses that provide this" we have literally everything we could ever need, why is there a need to push for more?

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parents are divorced
mom inherited $100k and blew it on heroin, turned our house into a heroin den
dad doesn't have to work a day in his life and gets a pension of $3k a month from the military, blows it on motorcycles while paying me $10 to do exhausting jobs that take three hours and that he screams at me if i don't do
dude had numerous opportunities over the years to make hundreds of thousands of dollars, never took any single one of them

i have been trying to piece together for over a decade why both of them are such sad cunts
mom's typically fucked up on methadone and at least holds the facade of being pleasant, but dad especially is such a cunt you can't even talk to him

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>"chainlink's life-changing gains are all but over"
>out of all the things to steal from link, proceeds to choose "never underestimate the power of positive thought"
given what part of the internet you're obviously from, it's the easiest thing in the world to tell that the irony is, in fact, lost on you
not to mention—to treat a project whose impending transformation of global commerce is LITERALLY LOOMING OVER US AS WE WRITE as if it should fail to massively appreciate in value, and should instead follow the same pump-and-dump format of any given blockchain project (that services one specific market and whose space is rife with competition) whose token is picked by your group of scamming faggots simply for the reason that this is clearly all you know with regards to investing or stock/coin markets, it's just so telling of who you are
all of the specimens one could call "pajeetbait" here have already donated their money to villages in your area; this place is just saturated as all hell with conniving fucks like you as of late, so you may as well just get the fuck out of here you sewer-diving subhuman

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>not getting a 5/10 to love you unconditionally instead of a 10/10 that will be tempted everyday of their lives to leave you for a brokeass chad and to "find herself"

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/biz/ is quality of job more important than pay? I feel like I’ve made it with my job in the sense it’s a very good position it’s just the pay is mediocre for the industry. I could get a job somewhere else making 10-30k+ more but odds are I’ll be miserable or in a not so ideal situation

I want to stay but I feel like I’m cucking myself in a sense

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>Economies getting tighter
>Everybodys holding their cash close
>Jobs are drying up
>Everyone getting sick
Does anyone else feel it? How is this going to play out?

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Why does me telling a random woman via text that I’m going to cum in her and make her a mom get them so excited? I don’t even get to know them I just open up with it

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I don’t know where this idea of food is too expensive comes from
Beans and rice are cheap as fuck and actually healthy as well as oats

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I am 26 with no degree
I make 45k a year
I have 65k USD worth of Chainlink
I have 40k in my 401k
I have 12k in debt from loans to buy Chainlink
I have no gf
I am a loser

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Found the android users fucking lel

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Is it worth it to negotiate for a lower salary to get a better title and “more responsibilities”

I want to go from hourly to salaried so I can use the companies money to do improvement projects but rn they say no OT

Basically I want to work for free so I can do projects that require capital I don’t have then job hop after I can say “managed 1 million dollar project successfully” etc

Right now I’m making 45k and the position someone else would have doing this would be 50-60k and I would try negotiating for 45k so I can come in on the weekends and do my own projects. I plan to end up in that position in the future anyway so I figure maybe I should just ask for the title and pay cut

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>Better get your sub-$X link while you still can

When we break $Y hold onto your ass

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ok now this is just getting too ridiculous

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Would be bullish if he did

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>this is our future

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