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The oldest I heard was 100k make it and 10k suicide.. That was when I was just a noob and learning as much as I could about as much cryptos as I could so I only bought a tiny tiny bag at 20cents because I did not yet fully recognize the full potential of LINK.. The guys who bought 100k+ could've already made it which were the real OGs.. LINK was still small and the board even smaller. It was a lot of fun but for a noob like me I was still busy researching ALL the coins around which as my mistake and I spread out a lot of funds. I kept my eye on LINK though, also because of the amazing memes but soon when LINK went above a few $ the makeitstack was tweaked down to 10k and the suicide stack to 1k. This was because we started to realize the INSANE potential of what LINK could do.. The utter and amazing transformation it could materialize. ChainLink under the wings of Sergey & Ari et al could mean real, actual value and change created in several ways. I'm not here to spoil everything and hope any of you with a brain take the time to envision what LINK can do then think about why you do not have significant exposure to ChainLink. These prices are once in a lifetime. Even if we go down to 1$ ranges or lower I'm going to be buying because this thing is going places. If you can get 1k then consider yourselves lucky.

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It used to cost 7 link for the transaction fee from binance

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You just win.

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mfw $24 is the local bottom

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Switch XLM to IOTA and you've got it baby.

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Oke guys, I need some visionary help with GRT.

I'm an oldfag who bought LINK between 0.14 and 0.20 and my first BTC in 2013. I remember posts here as early as 2017-2018 explaining how LINK would tap in to the trillion dollar derivatives market and what that would do to the price and possibilities.

Now, a few years later, we have talk of SNX actually starting with crypto TSLA etc. derivatives. Of course built with chainlink. And slowly, that 2017 LINK vision is becoming a reality. It's fucking scary how early we STILL are.

Now having said all this. I am a fucking retard when it comes to any actual computer science. It's not my field at all. My only real +130IQ strength is to think logically and be able to with remarkable effectiveness separate low tier noise from valuable breadcrumbs and DD. And here I am. Almost a crypto millionaire.

On to my question. Given my above described (only real) strength in crypto, GRT is definitely giving me LINK vibes. I've accumulated GRT at around 0.38$ on average. HOWEVER, I have yet to fully understand the GRT analog to the "LINK trillion$ derivatives" argument. Can anyone make this for me?

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>Why are you so euphoric?
Uh. Because I'm no longer a wage slave. I have millions of dollars worth of Link. I can do whatever I want for the rest of my life. And on top of all that, I hold the best investment this universe currently has to offer. Don't you get how exciting that is?! So much potential. We are on the ground floor. $1k eoy won't be a meme soon.

I guess missing out or just not understanding what Link is would have you confused as to why we are all so excited.

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just hold link you retard

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It will go back to $0.5, before mooning to 1k eom

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>Link holders are absolutely delusional.

You nolinkers have been saying this since $0.25. You could have 100xed and you're going to miss out on the rest too!

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Oh yes, I remember xrp. Quite a funny story children. Quick gather around and I will tell you all about it.

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Sorry, I cant read that because bitcoin only goes up so I don't margin trade. My point is still valid.

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Well done lad. Dangerously based.

OP, you made a deal.

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I made a holy pilmigrage to chainlink HQ on BART. I could feel god as I touched the building. Need to do it again soon

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rolling green karma

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Based. We're gonna be so fucking rich

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