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You know what? I'm ready to become your personal slave for free if social security is still a thing in 16 years.
Hell, even in 10 years.

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Sorry I'm just gonna squat is all

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It's not my tweet nor my thread, i don't give a shit about it. I dont even know why you are crying like a bitch.

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are u retarded on purpose?

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it doesn't even make any sense, wtf shillbro

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try typing
>100 5F semeuse
since usually they are sold by hundred lots. Usually i pay 635€ before shipping for these orders, and a 5F coin is 10gr of fine silver (about 1/3rd of an oz)
which make $770 for 32.2oz = $23.91/oz

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We are at the final stages of the illuminati satanic worldwide takeover. The next stage is a planned global cyberattack who'll take down the power grid and the SWIFT payment system. Now ppl are isolated, in the middle of winter and totally reliant on internet for everything, you can imagine the ravages.

It will be used as an excuse to totally control neo-internet, shutdown dissident voices and end online privacy. As well as push the NWO currency : a worldwide central bank digital cryptocurrency.

- profit from this

Will cyber security stonks tank or moon when this (((event))) unfold?
What are the best cyber security firms we can spec on in the moon scenario?
What about companies who propose electricity alternatives to be autonomous (like solar panels maybe) ?

It's legit the most important topic rn, so i hope i'll get a lot of (you)s so we can brainstorm a solution to become filthy rich.

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story time coomyfren!

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Do it step by step fren, stopping cold is rarely a good idea.
Let say you were fapping 4 times a day usually. Now you start to limit yourself to 2 faps a day. Then in 2 weeks, you go for 1 fap session a day.
And in 2 months, you go for 1 fap every two days. Etc..
I was a degen megafapper until 2 years ago, and using this method i now fap only once every 2-3 days.
Also stop to watch degenerate shit : no more triple face fucking bukkake zoo with BDSM stuff. I advise you to go for soft nippon stuff, such as sleep fucks or public groping.

gl fren

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>maxis' niggers coping answers : the thread
lmao, continue to dream about 500K moon mission while everything around you crash and burn into nothingness

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The amount of shariablue trannies ITT is truly astonishing.

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Why don't you go back?
I personally know a LOT of 40-50-60yo boomers who went through difficult divorces and, as men, ended up losing the house and had to go back to live with their parents. If it's not too late for them, it's certainly not too late for you. The difference is they were forced into this decision, while for you it's still a choice.

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Why is /pmg/ chokeful of glowniggers of your kind today?

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>your lesson only costed you 1k
It costed me 300, 1k was my initial.

>Dont do it again and stay loyal to PM
You can bet on this, lesson learned : no more shitcoins for me.

>most major but oh well
It's what you should do anyway. Imho 80% major is a safe bet. Personally i'm 80% on First majestic, Fortuna and Pan Am for the big boys, and a tiny 20% position on Bayhorse for a more risky bet.

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Are you risking real Link, to generate fakeLink?

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What non-US market ETFs (CAD$) should I invest in? I need something to ride out the collapse of the USD (I already heavy some physical and miners).

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Right now it's tanking pretty hard. If i were you i'd wait for the dip to bottom out, then when things are starting to crawl back up you invest in. That's what i'm planning to do with the rest of my cash, sadly i kinda bought the miners' top a week ago (hopefully it was just few bux, dipping a toe), but i want to buy more once it get cheaper. A lot of miners are still undervalued and didn't experience a boom in the same order of magnitude than the PMs.
Also if you aren't very well versed into it, as i am, i advise you to pick up well known names with solid grounds. Too many scams artists and meme juniors with 0 projects out there riding the gold&silver moon wave. Ask for Pan Man advices or if you want i can post his selection of miners.

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poll realized in the US last month over 3000 ppl were asked, it was discussed in length on pmg

No, it was only accouunting investment bullion : coins & bars only.

Why the hate? Is it upsetting you? I'm just stating a fact..

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Made my first shitcoin purchase ever 2 weeks ago ; $200 worth of xrp.
Now i've $250 worth of xrp.
I don't have a single clue about what i am doing, but i know i gained $50 doing nothing and that's good enough for me.

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this is interesting indeed, i'll have to study the question to know more before drawing any conclusion.

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Yeah that's nasty, i should have made my screenshot now, because 5kg bars are now north of 3300€.

Can't tell if i'm happy the mega bullrun we all were expecting is happening, or if i'm sad because i didn't accoomulated as much as i wished for.

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can I watch fren?

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