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sleeping, and I prefer it that way
I want to enjoy my $kendu without the bear seeing me working for my happiness (I want to buy a new blender)

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literally open any page that has charts and you'll know, I mean, dextools even has a list for those things
better learn how to use a mouse and a keyboard

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Just close your eyes for more than 15 minutes in silence dude, it's not that hard

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should I?
I mean, I think I was already doing well having everything virtual and shitcoins, I even went a bit further and created my own shit in pinksale

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I only want a 2x to pay off a debt, no more, my goals are realistic
I just want to have a simple life that doesn't depend on dogs like VINU to keep me going, that's all

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LLAP chads, we lost

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>13 controllers that I don't even use
sell them, you don't have to think that hard either.

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At that age who the fuck wants a house? i wanted a buzz light year toy

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I think I flipped over my entire wallet, the only thing I see is EPEP's flipped frog

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>lesbian porn is boring
>normal porn is ok because there's a man fucking someone
>gay porn is not boring, but it makes you feel something
am i fat?

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then we should buy go karts for everyone and have a racing war? for that I'd rather watch mad max for the thousandth time, I barely have the money to buy a couple of nfts from OBAYC, a go kart would destroy me economically

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I love them, but if one of them wanted to be with me, I don't think it would be because of my money or because she finds me attractive
so I just concentrate on making money and that's it, it's easier for me to get nfts from OBAYC than chasing a fantasy

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I would rather go to Venezuela to experience the real hell, although I think even if I had a small OBAYC bag I would be rich in that dump, it's just a weird country
I also think they have the joker on a skateboard over there

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this is how one becomes a wagie

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I'm still putting a lot of money on frogs like KEK, I don't know how screwed I'll be when I turn 40

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I hope not, I'm still locked up with my KEK bags, I want the prophecy to come true before I have to go back to my second job

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Not trusting that coin anymore, I'm pretty schizo about it now
Also transferred all my wojak to 0x0 as soon as I suspected a rugpull, 0x0 even had a 2x after that

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if that were I wouldn't be with 0x0 waiting for a possible pump, after years I realized that saying what you want out loud won't get you what you want

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dude I'm more excited about memecoins like VINU than any of that, it's too much information at the same time, and it gives me a headache

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how "convenient" are dogcoins these days? they are all literally dying

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very complicated for a person who only uses memecoins like VINU to avoid fees, I'll keep this for a couple more months, I still don't want to read anything extra

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I think I will listen to my father and work smart, not hard, and just stay with HAMI for a while so I don't have to think about anything else but farming money

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America is funny, I can do things with shitcoins like VINU and make a lot of money, but I can't get a job in a fucking macdonalds

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I'm slowly giving up, the fact that I'm still here means I haven't sold my vinu bags yet, I'm going to wait a while longer before we go up to 30k, I have a good feeling, I think

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