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Well you could be 10 years in the market before you see gains with the wrong timming. This is why all the retard mumus make me laugh. They are zoomers that have never seen such a market. Imagine how much shitcoins would go down with an SP500 that fails to make new ATHs like we've had.

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so what the fuck do you buy?
>stock market
it's pumped as hell, NASDAQ didn't even test sub 10k and SP500 only crashed like 25%
retarded and they can ban all exchanges crashing the price
i dont understand this boomer shit an the returns are so shit that im to lazy to even lean how to do it

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How to stop lossing money
1) learn spanish
2) watch his videos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jCaFK_c1v-4

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also lol at cherrypicking a moment in time to "prove a point"

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I've lost 20k dollars and all I did was dollar cost average into the s&p500. Can't wait to get back to those levels in 20 or so years.

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Have you actually zoomed out on the SP500?
If you do, you'll see there's huge 10+ periods of 0 returns.

If you invested 100k in 1998, you would have 100k in 2013.

Who's not to say that we are going in one of these periods?

protip: Bitcoin follows the SP500, the question, will be stable during 10 years, or buyers will capitulate and decouple from the SP500 to the downside. Thing is, this buy and hold shit is retarded, just lol at being +10 years doing nothing.

And at the same time if you try to time the market you can end up leaving when the fun begins.

Holy shit I just want to 4x my 400k. I dont want to wait fucking ages.

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