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op wants to know why wcdonalds isn't dipping let me tell you something op that's because we're not a pump and dump shitcoin we are going to deliver your giga pump get rich quick burger the only thing we're going to dip are these fries in the special wcdonalds pump sauce

so don't get left behind buy wcdonalds token now because when it pumps you don't want to be stuck eating at macdonalds with the other losers

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lol what a bunch of poorfags seeting about our lord and savior wcdonalds token ticker (wcd) if they wanted some pump sauce they'd get on their knees and beg but since they are such poor poorfags we will throw them some free money fries while we pump our coin up in price we'll be on mars by the end of the month and then you can shove your g-shock up your ass while me chad and the entire wcdonalds team is sitting around in our lambos having burgers

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you are a failure a disgrace to the society you should feel ashamed of your existence go touch some grass you degen"

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you know op i agree with you completely i think 15% is definitely worthy of an honest heartfelt kys that is totally an extremely rational opinion that doesn't have me wanting to beat your face in with a tire iron just for your stupidity alone the world definitely needs more people who just throw out kys at random for no reason whatsoever people like you are absolutely essential to the survival of our gene pool and i encourage you to continue making these completely rational contributions to the discussion

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i can't believe people are making money on a bunch of bullshit yeah send it man see me in a year when you are destitute

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lmao this guy sounds like a total normie i wonder how many times hes going to run the circle jerk over gme probably just trying to get his bag probably the only reason hes a youtube channel if im gonna watch some market commentary its going to be a real trader not some normie who is going to get left behind he probably likes his wifes boyfriend too lol

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lol bro you bought link you are the kind of retard who takes financial advice from anonymous strangers on the internet have fun holding those bags for life good luck ever getting that money back to recoup your losses you dumbass

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dude what is wrong with you are you really so much of a pussy the us is like the safest country in the world if you are scared of cities just move to the mountains and stop being so pathetic lmao

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fuck you bitch

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wow thats pretty retarded good luck with your shitcoin idiot i know its just a scam for you to dump on all the loyal cuckholders they are gonna get dumped on so hard by you and your fellow whales its just gonna be like a huge circle jerk of you getting rich off those idiots

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the guy who wrote that message should not be investing a single buck in bitcoin or any cryptocurrency for that matter it is clear that the average iq in this thread is that of a brain-damaged monkey anyone that would take investment advice from people like this is destined to lose it all the guy who said
>based bobo pumping the bottom of the daily chart
is clearly an imbecile who doesn't understand the slightest thing about investing do your own research and think for yourself

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you gotta be a special kind of idiot to even believe those
lmao you might as well read a horoscope and buy lotto tickets because you're basically a sheep a mindless follower the only way to make money in life is through crypto specifically through wcdonalds token ticker (wcd) which is a revolutionary money printing machine i'm not going to be a slave to the system and live paycheck to paycheck i'll be able to take care of my family with the get rich quick burgers

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