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I'll give you it if you promise not to incessantly shill it like you've done with SRAC and NPA.


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It's just like it was in school for you, you're an easy target to bully and most people find you insufferable. Shouldn't have posted anime in /sfg/, kiddo.

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>am I gonna get fucked my Elon and his cult?
Hopefully. TSLA might end up pumping or crabbing up to December 21st and then selling off after it's included in the S&P 500. If that happens, you'll probably get greedy, not sell after this, and then get your face ripped off by the next pump like all the retarded bears before you. Q4 is likely to be pretty good and TSLA always has a lot of news catalysts coming in to pump the price.

In summary:
I doubt it(your ability to make a profit). Take yer swing.

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This kills the cat poster...

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No but this is!

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