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This but for all crypto

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How's it a scam?

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4chan500 was gay. We are not. Even with such a huge dip, none of the top holder have sold. They could have sold x100 instead.

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did u rike it?

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Let's get you horny too.

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You could have had this, you fuckin sperg.

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buy MCDC, faggot

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you're welcome anon! You seem cool, you should join our telegram.
>t dot me slash mcsheks

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>what is html editing and proxies

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>ou were bullied werent you? You hate those stronger than you. Instead of fixing your own shortcomings and striving to be better you predate on children, children weaker and smaller than you to satisfy your sick fantasies.
Holy projection. G2BR with armchair pscyhoanalysis, you fucking kike.

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Shut up, Nazeem. You're embarrassing yourself. Try losing weight and stop FUDding coins after being priced out.

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As a major MCDC holder, even I wonder this. I'm half convinced someone in the mcdonaldscoin community made this bullshit and is larping

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>that's because they got them for next to nothing in the presale
Who gives a fuck if they got them for next to nothing? In what way is that evidence that they need to wait longer "for the right price to unload"?
Your argument only makes sense if they had bought in at a much higher price and needed to wait for further increases in order to profit.
The top wallets, even during today's dip, are worth over $100,000
If you made a shitcoin and could pull out 6 figures after 4 days of work, and were interested in doing that sort of thing, don't you think they already would?
You really think that there's some insider group of people who is coordinating this shit and waiting for the right moment to dump?
How would they even all get out without ruining the price?
Your argument makes no sense to me. It's classic nocoiner behavior to just state a fact and then call that fact "evidence" for some outrageous FUD claim.
Anon, just buy some. Get on the train. It's not too late and today is the perfect buying opportunity. The developers spent a bunch of ETH injecting liquidity earlier today at $0.06-$0.07 so even if it is a pump and dump, it seems like they don't expect the price to go much lower than $0.06

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she turns my mac into a big mac

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McPussy for days

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See if top wallets have sold or not. See you later, retard

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The actual pump has not even begun for MCDC

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PLEASE anons. i want to shove my big mac inside of her and fill her up with my special sauce

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