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Anything like UNIswap on polkadot or anything that's not RAPING one in fees?

They haven't invented an exchange that can swap erc eth based tokens for like Litecoin or something that uses another form of gas.?

Is eth mooning because everyone is stuck

I'm poor btw. Trying to diversify my eth but I don't want to get RAPED.

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>$2bn stimulus bill this year with direct payments and $15/hr
>money printer go brrr until at least 2024
>blue chips buying into BTC
>inb4 new paradigm
When it crashes it will have climbed so high that if you got in early enough it won't matter. 100k BTC eoy.

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Do you ever consider ethics and morality when making money?

I've invested in pharma stock but not sure how I feel about pumping newborn babys full of chemicals.

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