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feed me

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Bear trap No.6 or 7 or whatever the fuck it is this time. Next week we magically hit $1 then most of us screech like autistic faggots how it wasn't supposed to go like that... UBT is unforgiving to swing, reminds me of link in late 2018 to mid 2019 run. Its probably the same group of pumpers. So far any profit taker has been btfo'd the next day. Crypto's a cruel world really.

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Glad to see I'm not the only thinker here. It goes like this guys, are you (yes, you Rajesh) with your ten dollar stack a whale? No? Do you think whales are people who are only, or even mainly invested into this? Whales that are richer and smarter than you will take profits. They aren't waiting for every ten dollars they put in to turn into a million, like you. They merely need to say, "oh, that's nice" hit the sell button, and I'll be scooping that shit up off the floor after you capitulate. Even if its not you Rajesh, maybe Prakeesh down the shitting street has been eyeing a nice moped lately....

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All in UWT

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Holy shit this is gay. Why do faggots on here just repost earlier threads and act like insiders hours later? This board is slow and filled with pathetic cockroaches glued to the screen at all hours. Everybody already knows about the Jack Dorsey and twitter connection you normie faggot.

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>what taxes? crypto to crypto is not a taxable event

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>TONIGHT!, next week, already made it, etc...
I hate you niggers

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>We could invert this by asking "how much money would someone have to pay to cuck you?"

If you ever have more than one relationship in your life, you'll probably end up getting cheated on at some point. So yes, I'd watch whatever whore ends up as my next gf get fucked for millions of dollars.

This is a question only a literal virgin would ask because you'd best believe your gf (no matter how much she wuvs you) would let your bum ass walk for a fat sack of cash. And probably for a lot less than you think too.

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I never moved past softcore porn. Imagine jacking it to another dude fucking some whore.

I need to cut even that out soon though. I'm pretty sure most camwhores are literal witches and succubi gaining strength off of sex magic.

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When will 10k LINK be enough to retire on and what is the best strategy to do so?

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Ask yourself why someone would watch you play games instead of playing them yourself, then hone in on that niche.
You have to realize that a majority of popular streamers are popular either because they're really good at the game and are professionals, or because they're very good at fostering parasocial relationships with their viewers and basically putting on a caricature of themselves when streaming. Either ones winds up being a job if you're trash at games or you're not a sociopath.

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IOTA partnering with Tesla?

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ARK is going to pump hard this evening and then dump at midnight.

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Is BAT a good buy right now?

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you are retarded if you're focusing on any other angle in crypto. you will not make it. focus on the projects that allow (((them))) to get in the game

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I'm turning 28 in a few months. I have about $800 in the bank and $800 in debt, and a chevy worth $1200 with 150k miles. My current job is the latest in a never ending stretch of underpaid shitwork to get by and pay my rent.

I completed an associates degree seven years ago and never followed up with a bachelor's degree which was my only reason for going in the first place. I had good grades and ran the newspaper for a while, had scholarships but those are gone now because of disuse. My impostor syndrome grows stronger by the day, realizing that I am about 6 years behind my peers who graduated and started working after college. Going into student debt at 28 seems really fucking retarded but I'm also tempted to do it if not just to ease the suffering of my pointless wage slaving existence. I've considered the web dev meme but am under the impression from talking to industry folk that even if I managed to get a dev job my earning potential would be cucked by lack of degree.

I would be happy earning 50k-60k, it would be enough to afford myself a very comfortable lifestyle because I am extremely frugal. I'm not really willing to work 80 hours a week in some shit job though, it is completely pointless unless you are earning way more. I want work life balance, and I know from experience that I wouldn't be happy as an electrician or other such tradesman.

Has anyone had a similar experience to me and been able to break out? I'm interested by web development but haven't put the time in, and also have about a decade of experience in photography/video as a hobby and have been told by professionals that I am good, but I have never really been the type to seek commoditization of my creative work(besides the fact that most people shit on you for saying you want to work in a creative industry, on top of this I know crazy talented artists who gave up to do shit like real estate because the art industry burns people out and slowly kills their passion).

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who else supreme /jntlmen/

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2018 has fucked us. big money isn't going to touch any of these coins due to simple volatility. if only there was a next-gen project that served as a bridge between old school and new school, with which financial institutions could utilize the transactional properties of blockchain without the volatility. if only that project had central banks onboard right now. that project would make a lot of NEETS rich.

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Time to let out your TRUE robot. See the others as NPC and the whole thing as a 'game' where you have to pretend to be able to play.
You can do it anon, I believe in youuuuuu. Also, if you never try, you'll never know. What do you got to lose?

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>Now I get that the likely hood of another house-crisis level event happening is pretty slim
wew lad

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Can someone shill this? What kinda impact on web advertising could this possibly have in the future?

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can someone shill litecoin pls, not getting it

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