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gaymer coin, the more i see copy pasta shilling of this trash the more I know to keep my gains away from it

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>What are the kids obsessed with today that will be worth mucho dollars in 20 years?
they are mostly mutt minorities 2nd/3rd generation mexicans, they seem to be in anime and things that they can buy that single they are "one of the good ones" minorities. Something I've noticed being around them in general im white and we are minority only make up 20% in my city. Anyways they love to pay out the ass for shit they cant afford. They always try to live in a luxury apartment/house, expensive car and luxury products or services. Spending 40-50% on rent, 20-30% on car, dining out, drinking, massively over crowded events, whatever normie mainstream thing is they are doing it. Lie on taxes for huge returns, filing for bankruptcy multiple times, divorce, they have kids but not a lot but more than white people. Ib4 racist, I know a lot of "good ones" but Im talking about them in general. The good ones are dragged down by their poorer family members that constantly need help or they cosign loans with.

> the future is brown and living paycheck to paycheck trying to signal how they are one of the good ones

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I have 5 grand laying around, where do I put it?

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nice mansion, duck ugly car

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7/10 bait but the entirety of Eastern Europe is a lost cause all the same.
Don’t think for a second that political powers aren’t posting pro-Russia propaganda, and pretty much every other end of the spectrum, on this Burundian berrypicking forum. Know that there’s a lot of money and power that can be made off of impressionable teenagers and young adults.
Remember who the real enemy is and why our disparities, shackles, and hatred toward one another even exist.

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>but paradoxically brag on 4chan about how they do 2 hours of work and play video games all day during their shift
Does this really happen though? Seems like a problem with an easy solution. For example, in my previous job work computers had a program that allowed the supervisors to monitor everything we do at home. We also had to meet a certain quota every day so it was pretty much impossible to dick around.

When covid restrictions were lifted, everyone was forced to go back to the office. I was literally one of the top guys in our team in regards to performance, so I asked why can't I continue working from home. The answer was that the company wanted to utilize the office lol. I left immediately

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>$200k annual income ($120k after tax)
>$180k in savings
>$80k in retirement accounts

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>higher lows

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volume to marketcap ratio is still one of the lowest among blue chip coins
this shit is going up 2-3x, about time desu

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>Link makes all moves preceding the market

Yes, even btc. Now you know the /biz/ trick you always felt you were missing.

tl;dr the big boys are coming back to town. If you sell now, you were just holding your link for its rightful owner.

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Where does silver fit into all of this?

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Man, another good fought round, big market makers. Really appreciate you guys shedding off the NORMIE scum from *our* crypto turf. Actually really appreciate it now that those reddit FAGGOT NORMIES are probably gone though, I think its time we have a good laugh about it and keep that pump going, hate to lose the momentum, y'know?

m-market makers...?

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Son I proud

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1300 LINK should be enough to make it in a poorfag country. the Suicide stack is 1000 so you even have a small buffer.
however you should ditch the other shitcoins and invest into something like AVAX instead. If you manage to accumulate 2k AVAX you can run your own node.
the AVAX node is very low risk passive income. right now you make like 100 bucks a month with a node but in the future this could moon hard.

now you just need to hold the 10k LINK as long as you can, without a job it can be challenging not to sell too early to pay for daily stuff like food and rent.

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Lost all my friends in the process of making it... Good riddance

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Anyone else holding KR?

Did we just get cucked by Bezos?

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“A PhD is definitely not required,” Tesla boss Elon Musk said on Twitter on Feb. 2. I “don’t care if you even graduated high school,” Musk said.

Instead, Musk is looking for those with a “deep understanding” of artificial intelligence. And while, ”[e]ducational background is irrelevant,” all candidates “must pass hardcore coding test,” Musk said.

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me too

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Supreme gentleman detected.

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literally bzrx faggot

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the bZx farmer fears NOTHING

Fact: BZRX holders are the most powerful race

Shalom, marc!

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>claims to be a woman
>doesn't have a penis

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based post

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