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>pharisees also called Jesus a follower of satan
The pharisees were practicers of Babylonian black magic and Saturn worshippers, and Jesus called them out for this. It is their descendants who put on a black cube on their forehead to pray. You have been proven wrong in so many threads about this point but like one of (((them))) you always slither around and act like it never happened, then when pushed enough you end up saying "ackchually saturn isnt the bad guy" then proceed to dump random links and images to deflect from your ignorance and cowardice.

>I'm busy exposing actual satanist pedos who are relying on the continuation of the current fiat money printing system in order to maintain their grip on the human soul

No you arent, you pretend to do so while conviniently ignoring that they are saturn worshippers and go in circles to say "they have only corrupted saturn worship" while ignoring all evidence to the contrary. Its hilarious you mention the problem being fiat, while advocating for a system to replace it that is even more about absolute control and has (((their))) stamp of aproval. There is a reason why so many crypto projects include Saturn symbolism with Link being one of the most obvious ones.

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