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we are so back apu sisters

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Don't you want to be rich ?

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buy apu and hold it til 50B mc

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i already moved all my link into apu

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Apu will set us free, literally our coin

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I am a paperhanded retard. Just wanted to let you guys know.

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sir this is a frog board

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>im too stupid to save 10k
>how do i find someone stupider than me to cosign
>to invest in crypto

what could go wrong really?

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3.1% YOY doesn't seem so bad. Only 0.2% over expected. Is that really that bad? Legit asking..

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you are paid what 15p per post?
show us how you bought btc at 43k

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Why don't you guys just buy and hold good stocks? Shit just keeps pumping. The past decade has been all about tech and I think everyone knows that.
Oil is dead, real estate moves too slowly, construction too slow, commodities are unpredictable and generally underperform unless you manage to hit that sweet bottom, energy sector is alright, biotech is crap with the exception of god-tier Eli Lilly.. but nothing brings in as much gains as tech.
>tfw you realize some people have been trying to short Apple or MSFT for a long time now

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What made him think it would rally? Nah, m8. You gotta be patient and wait for oil to drop to its lowest support. Quick trade.
I am not recommending anyone to play with commodities, especially oil and copper... but it can be nice to make a quick trade when it drops to its lowest weekly support.
If it falls even more, then I am willing to accept my losses and I'm gonna eat my shorts. But since the economy is apparently fine and the infrastructure is gonna moon next year, I don't think oil can keep falling

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And so we continue pumping EURObros. How are we feeling this beautiful morning? Already up +1.5%. Insanely good US data yesterday (well, for the most part anyway) and I fully expect good data today as well. Inflation in most of Europe has been largely subdued (enough so that central banks can pat themselves on the back). Yepp, I'm thinking we're back

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Been shorting Calliditas. Objectively, they are doing pretty well actually and the female CEO has done good work... but the stock is just terrible and so utterly weak

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that there's a heavy fud operation across the entire crypto ecosystem regarding chainlink, right?


there's kek fuddies across all projects trying to shit on chainlink to stop it from getting integrated in anything

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Except that's not true at all. It's completely schizo and is determined by the big bois
>Better than expected --> sometimes pump
>Better than expected --> sometimes dump
>Better than expected --> pump and dump and then pump again
>Worse than expected --> sometimes xx..x..
And so on. It mostly makes sense if you know the context and the market conditions at the time but sometimes it really boggles the mind. Typically if the guidance is good, the stock pumps because the market is forward-looking. But that's just not always the case and it completely defies logic

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Yeah, they will just let the y/y effect take care of inflation and pat themselves on the back. Fuckin hacks. Too bad that effect is already diminishing for the US inflation (and will soon start diminishing for EU as well)

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I am kind of expecting the debt to fugg smaller caps but the mega caps and large caps are fine for another decade. But I just want my big Santa rally so I can sell bigly and then buy as the lag effect of rates start hitting the market/economy next year

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That's all of the magnificent seven, m8. They all have monopolies in their respective markets.

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>* Pick a target price
10% higher than what it is now
>* Decide when you think it'll get there (timeframe)
This Friday

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OMX and DAX once again defying the norms... fuckin hate the Swedish and German indices. Come on, I need cheepies

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>Turns out you aren’t all smarty pants
Clearly, I am the smartest here.

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Covid happened what the fegg do you think happened? USbros got so much free money it's insane. Wage growth has been absolutely brutal these last three years. I worked in forestry and we raised our earnings by more than 60% just last year because we told all those boomers (it's rich boomers that own forests) that we need more money for our services and that the inflation is eating away too much of our profits and so on...
Cheap ass loans. Pretty much everyone I know took huge loans (300k+) to get into the housing market. The rates were pathetically low. It will be interesting to see how normos will cope since most of those mortgages were short-term and will now get re-financed (and also later next year) to 6-7%+.
Simply put, people have big buffers and big loans. Also, since travel was restricted, people managed to scrape together a lot of money.
Sure, the lower classes might be fugged, but the middle class is doing more than fine

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We have no business handling anything of financial value
But that's not going to stop us

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