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Man, the absolute stupidity of OP. The fact that he said there was no alt season last bullrun clearly shows this current cycle is his first considering how anyone who experienced it in real time knows how batshit crazy it was. It's not the type of feeling you forget. I fucking hate larpers so much

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Kinda expecting a pullback but too lazy to sell so I'll ride it out

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look, im sorry but this place has become a shill your scamcoin board. its literally retared. plebbting wallshitbets is more entertaining at this point. goodbye

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>for 2k sqft
I can't wait for these boomers to lose everything

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check those digits schizo

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People just aren't saving anymore. Businesses have figured out that they could raise prices because people had juuuust enough to pay the higher prices, just now noone can save anymore.

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He's beta. Simple as.
So are you btw for worshiping anyone let alone him.
Be your own man

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>why doesn't the government introduce a high vacancy tax?
Because rightoids screech/mald at the very idea of "MUH GUBMINT" being used. Even if it's directly beneficial for them. As long as rightoids exist, you will never have useful government programs.

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chainlink hitting 10k would mean it has more value in its network then the total gdp of the entire planet. please learn how to do basic math retard.

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Some people unironically think this LMAOOOOOO
I mean sure it sucks if it's a eva ghetto school, but compare their job to say truck driving (driving a death machine), airplane pilot (even worse), cs job/engineering (where you have to perform extremely intellectually difficult tasks), trades (fucking ass pay and ass work), retail worker (getting yelled at by the lowest IQ retards), salesmen (having to sound slimy as fuck and being extremely extroverted with hundreds to thousands of people), nursing (same as what retail workers deal with, but even worse because of all the disgusting fluids and smells), etc.

Name me ONE middle class job easier than a teaching gig. Hint: There is none. I'd rather deal with a classroom of the most ghetto trash than an employer that reams your ass for not being a perfect optimal unicorn expecting you to be a giga pro with minimal to no guidance. Teachers literally only have to learn one year worth of info and it's low level at that. Then it's just a repeat of easy powerpoint slides every year.

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>bobo doesn't know what is a reversal looks like

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Life is effort and I won't stop until I die.

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>literally never gets hit again
>not even for a second
>and just pumps from there
Fucking nigger market. They literally spend millions just so I lose 50 dollars. Petty faggots

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yes to keep appearances of "accountability" up, but it will basically be a 1:1 to a 5 star hotel. At the cost of tax payer money too.

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>it is now illegal to own crypto unless you're an oligarch
Wwyd? I'd move countries. Fucking faggots might actually do this

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