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We hitting the big leagues nigga !

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All you did was bump this thread :D

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Join the telegram. We're gonna make it.

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dubs, dub trips, and quads. what the fuck

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big alarm bells on this one. I don't know what to believe anymore, this all seems fake. But fucking christ if anyone out there is still considering believing in this project. PLEASE walk away. Even if you haven't reached a profit yet, your potential losses from the inevitable dump of the 60%-supply wallet will be catastrophic. You may as well be sending the dev this money, with ridiculously high "transaction fees" from all the slippage he'll be inducing when he pulls rug.
I'm not even telling you fucks to buy McDonaldsCoin. If you think it's a scam, totally fine, walk away. But don't get caught buying fucking a BURGER KING RUGPULL whose entire scam existence is only feasible due to something you already consider to be a scam in the first place.

If you think MCDC is a scam, then there is no reason to buy burgerkingcoin. End of story.

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